1.1 Skid mounted BOG recovery device


Product Description:

BOG, Boiled off Gas. Due to the cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG), LNG is evaporated by external heat so as to generate boil-off gas.

»  BOG compressed into the pipe network

The BOG in the tank is warmed by a heater or directly pressurized by a BOG compressor and then fed to the natural gas pipe network. The device is mainly composed of air temperature vaporizer, water bath heater (optional) and compressor, the process is simple, small footprint.

»  BOG compression CNG

The BOG was warmed by a heater and then pressurized by a high pressure compressor to 25.0 MPaG for use as CNG. The device is mainly composed of air temperature vaporizer, water bath heater (optional) and compressor, simple structure, small footprint.



»  BOG reliquefaction

The BOG gas in the storage tank is reliquefied through compression and heat exchange. The device is mainly composed of a low-temperature heat exchanger, a BOG compressor, a refrigeration compressor and a cold box. The whole process of the BOG is simple and occupies a small area.

»  BOG compressed back to the car

For the LNG gasification station, the BOG gas in the storage tank is compressed by the low-temperature BOG compressor and then returned to the LNG tanker by the gas phase during the unloading process of the LNG tanker so that the tanker truck is pressurized to realize unloading. The device is simple to operate, unload fast, and can avoid BOG loss during unloading.

Scope of application:

LNG peaking station, LNG liquefaction plant, L-CNG filling station, LNG gasification station and so on




1.2 Small skid mounted LNG liquefaction plant


Product Description:

Small skid mounted LNG plant is a small skid mounted LNG liquefaction plant with a handling capacity of 5,000 to 100,000 scf / day. It consists of a separation skid, a raw material skid, a purifying pry, a refrigeration skid, a control skid, and a power skid. Independent research and development company has a variety of advanced purification, liquefaction, and has rich experience in the design and construction to ensure reliable quality, advanced technology, to provide customers with a perfect practical engineering solutions to meet the needs of different sizes of construction.

Scope of application:

Remote gas wells, associated gas fields, offshore natural gas, shale gas, coalbed methane, biogas, air release, LNG peak shaving station.



» Investment province, small footprint

For the daily handling capacity of 10,000 standard small skid mounted natural gas liquefaction small investment, 10 to 14 months to recover all the investment. The installation covers an area of about 120 square meters, the project covers an area of 750 square meters.

» Mobile, fast construction station

The whole device is skid-mounted, short lead time, more convenient for mobile transportation and less workload for on-site installation and relocation.

» Low energy consumption, advanced technology

Using the world's leading purification, liquefaction technology, simple operation, flexibility, low energy consumption.




1.3 Vehicle-mounted wellhead gas recovery CNG plant


Device Description:

The vehicle-mounted wellhead gas recovery CNG device can be applied to wellhead gas, pilot gas production, zero gas diffusion and other wellhead gas through gas-liquid separation, purification and dehydration, and compression to obtain CNG products. For different gas source conditions, optimized configuration, to provide customers with the perfect car equipment.


Device Features:

1, skid design, easy to install and transfer.

2, using high-speed reciprocating compressor, stable and reliable operation.

3, advanced technology, simple operation, low energy consumption.

4, the use of fully enclosed design to meet the various environmental conditions.

Project performance:

Shanxi Yulin 80000 Nm3 / d vehicle-mounted wellhead gas recovery CNG project Shandong Dezhou 30000 Nm3 / d vehicle-mounted wellhead gas recovery CNG project






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