LPG skid


It contains LPG tank, LPG dispenser/ LPG filling scale, LPG pump, Control box, Leakage detection,

water cooling system, level meter and valves as complete set on the skid, available for filling the

LPG vehicles and LPG cooking/camping cylinder.






Technical performances:

»  ATEX certificated LPG dispensers
»  Ready to connect with IC card management system by internet
»  ATC according to ASTM Table 54 with RTD
»  Electronic and Mechanical calibration
»  Emergency stop systems
»  Acme threaded tank filling connection
»  Magnetic Level Gauge
»  Vane (90 lt/min) or Multi-stage Centrifigucal (60 lt/min) high performance pump options
»  Complete electrical control panel with gas sensors
»  Ex-proof connections for all electrical equipments
»  Gas Sensing and alarm system
»  Capacity available with 5-10 m³




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