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Bluesky has been a leading manufacturer of CNG filling station equipment and management system for over 20 years.

  • Compact structure and most reasonable pipeline design, best smooth-user experience
  • CNG mother station also has advantages with small engineering quantity, short construction cycle, less investment, etc.
  • CNG mother station can be used the Bluesky gas station management system to issue IC cards to refuel.
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    CNG mother station equipment,daughter stationm equipment and management system

    The CNG mother station is built in a place where there is a natural gas pipeline passing through, and the gas is taken directly from the natural gas pipeline. Natural gas enters the compressor unit through desulfurization, pressure regulation, metering, filtration, dehydration, and other processes, and then compresses, cools, purifies, and increases its pressure to 25Mpa, and finally refuels the high-pressure trailer through the gas filling post, and also refuels the vehicles through the CNG dispensers.

    The CNG mother station equipment composition: inlet air filtration pressure regulation metering device, desulfurization tower, low-pressure dehydration device, piston compressor, sequential control panel, gas cylinder group, CNG filling dispenser, CNG filling post, CNG trailer, gas alarm device, and other equipment, etc.,

    Bluesky Your Professional CNG mother station equipment Manufacturer

    CNG mother station
    • CNG mother station equipment overall solution

    The main technical parameters & functions of the dryer system with the CNG mother station are as below:

    1. Working flow: 600 Nm3/h
    2. System design pressure: 0.8 MPa
    3. Working pressure: 0.3-0.6MPa
    4. Safety valve take-off pressure: 0.7MPa
    5. Design temperature: 250 (heating element) ℃
    6. Regeneration temperature: 180~220℃
    7. The atmospheric dew point of product gas: ≤-60℃
    8. Protection class: IP55 Field instrument
    9. explosion-proof grade: Exe dIIBT4
    10. Adsorbent: 4A molecular sieve
    11. Working method: alternately “water absorption-regeneration” with double towers, continuous gas supply.
    12. Regeneration method: closed-cycle electric heating regeneration.
    13. Control mode: hand switch, automatic control regeneration.

    CNG dryer system

    The main technical parameters of pressure regulating & metering system with CNG mother station are as below:

    1. Natural gas from the pipeline is filtered and metered before entering the system.
    2. Working pressure: 0.3~0.6 MPa.
    3. Media: Pipeline natural gas.
    4. Inlet temperature: ≤40℃.
    5. Installation site: Indoor.

    pressure regulating & metering system with CNG mother station

    The main technical parameters of compressor system with CNG mother station as below:

    1. Model: CF-2.7/(3-6)-250
    2. Compressed medium: natural gas
    3. Air supply: 600 standard square / h
    4. Suction pressure 0.3-0.6 Mpa
    5. Exhaust pressure 25 Mpa
    6. Exhaust temperature≤180℃
    7. Power: 200KW, dIIBT4
    8. Noise: ≤85dB(A)
    9. Cleanliness: ≤1800mg

    CNG compressor

    BlueSky is an expert in the R&D and manufacturing of CNG dispenser


    1 . How to visit the BlueSky LNG filling stations factory?

    We can send you a business invitation letter, plan and arrange your itinerary to China, or arrange your own itinerary, and we will fully assist and support you. If you have other purchases in China, we are also happy to help you. Bluesky has the CNG mother station you need most.

    2. Can we customize the CNG mother station equipment according to our requirements?

    Yes, of course, we could customize the CNG mother station for you. According to your requirement, depending on the total filling gas quantity per day and the total filling vehicles, we could help you to design the most reasonable technical solution for free, and give you a competitive quotation.

    3. Can we specify the brand of the CNG filling station parts?

    Of course. If you need to specify the special brand of the CNG mother station parts, we can also customize it for you.

    4. What about the management system with the mobile CNG fueling station?

    CNG filling stations management system includes sensors, transducers, PLC cabinet, alarms, industrial computer, etc.
    Its function includes data collection, inquiry, storage, report printing, alarm, and fault diagnosing.

    5. Can I accept payment by letter of credit for the payment of the CNG mother station?

    Our CNG mother station equipment product could accept various payment methods, such as cash, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Alipay, L/C, and D/P. We can also accept letters of credit payment, if you need other financial services in China, we can also help you.

    6. If we don’t know how to use the CNG mother station, can you provide training services?

    We can use videos or operation guides or send engineers to your gas station for equipment product on-site operation training.

    7. What are we going to do if the CNG mother station has passed the warranty period?

    We generally provide a 1-year warranty.

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