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Bluesky EFMC Widely used can freely choose various electronic flowmeters, such as 2inch, 3inch, and 4inch, suitable for various flow velocities, It can be applied in various occasions such as oil depots, refueling vehicles, docks, etc., which is an ideal alternative product for traditional mechanical flowmeters.

  • Measurement precision: ≤0.1%.
  • The instrument has an automatic calibration function.
  • Mobile operation.
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    Electronic Flow Meter Counter China supplier

    What is BLUESKY’s EFMC?

    EFMC is used to measure the volume of unloading from the oil tanks to underground oil tanks. This product uses a modern high-performance ARM microprocessor, with high computing speed, low power consumption, stable performance, and rich interface mode. The circuit is designed by this security to make the instrument more stable and reliable.

    It can cooperate with various electronic sensors to achieve high-precision and large flow measurements. It can also select segmented flow compensation and temperature compensation to further improve the measurement accuracy. Can achieve any control of refueling and preset refueling. It is also equipped with an LCD display, which is intuitive. It can be equipped with a printer and print transaction records. Can be installed on a mobile cart for easy removal of oil.

    Bluesky Your Professional EFMC Manufacturer

    Electronic Flow Meter Counter-50
    • Flow Rate: EFMC-50, 20~270 L/min
    •                     EFMC-80,  40~560 L/min
    • AC220V±20%

    Blue Sky -Your Leading Supplier of All Types EFMC

    Major components structure drawing

    Connection Diagram

    Introduction of BLUESKY’s EFMC display screen


    It can display 6 digits at best and can set up the decimal. It mostly displays the refueling

    volume, currency, current flow rate, and so on data.


    It can display 6 digits at best. When preset to refuel, it counts down the preset value.

    When changing the parameter under the setup mode, it displays the input parameter.


    It can display 8 digits at best. It displays the general totalizing value.


    It can display information made up of 14 digits and letters at the same time. It mostly displays the prompt character.

    EFMC display screen
    EFMC display screen

    System mode of BLUESKY EFMC

    This system has four modes, there are Volume Mode, Currency Mode, Rate Mode and

    Setup Mode. Press the MODE key can switch between four modes.

    Main Characteristics and Parameters:

    1. Working voltage: AC 220V±20%
    2. Working temperature: -20℃+55℃
    3. Working humidity degree: ≤90%
    4. Single totalizing count range:0~999999
    5. General totalizing count range:0~99990000
    6. The flow range is 20~270L when the system matched with the M50 flow meter
    7. The flow range is 40~560L when the system matched with the M80 flow meter
    8. Measurement precision: ≤0.1%
    9. The oil inlet flange of the Explosion-proof solenoid valve is 4 holes, Φ18/Φ125

    What functions does EFMC have

    1. Fueling without preset under the rate of flow
    2. Under the pre-dispense state
    3. Fueling without preset under the currency mode
    4. Fueling with preset
    5. Fueling with preset under the currency mode
    6. Unit price setup
    7. Choose the unit price
    8. Password and change password
    9. Instrument calibration
    10. Clear the general totalizing
    11. Setup the solenoid turns off the value
    12. Setup the time/date
    13. View records

    Why Blue Sky Can be Your Best EFMC Supplier in China

    EFMC package
    EFMC With pump
    EFMC With pump
    EFMC With vane pump
    EFMC With vane pump

    What are the changes in the upgraded version of BLUESKY’s EFMC?

    BLUESKY made a new EFMC series mobile fuel unit, containing our bulk positive displacement flow meter,pump&drive motor, power control panel, hose, hose reels&drived motor, Do not need a client to prepare another pump.

    There are three types of flow velocity specifications, namely 200L/min, 400L/min, and 700L/min, the corresponding pumps are the YB-40 vane pump, the YB-65 vane pump, and the YB-80 vane pump.

    Rotary vane pump

    Rotary vane pump

    applied in boat refueling in marine, and public transportation vehicles, big trucks, trains, military vehicles, and light aircraft, with the advantage of high flow rate, long service life, high accuracy,convenience&easy use, etc.

    The pumps are widely used on mobile applications or fixed installations. With Cardan shafts or hydraulic motors, the pumps can be installed on any kind of tank truck, or they are coupled to electric or diesel engines on metal bases to be used either on terminals, heavy-duty dispensers, pumping/metering skids, mobile transfer units. Equipped with Teflon seals the pumps can also be used on a wide variety of solvents in the petrochemical industry.

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