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  • Fuel nozzle inlet: 1, 3/4 in
  • Fuel nozzle material: Aluminum
  • Fuel nozzle can be customizable LOGO
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    The self-sealing Fuel nozzle is a refueling nozzle with an automatic closing function. When the oil is filled with the container, the Fuel nozzle valve can be automatically closed to keep the oil from overflowing, making the refueling site cleaner and safer.

    Fuel nozzle working principle

    When the oil dispenser is supplying oil, the main valve is opened, and the pressure oil enters the oil cavity where the main and auxiliary valves are located in the gun body, pushes open the auxiliary valve against the spring force, and is discharged through the nozzle of the oil gun. The flow of oil reduces the static pressure, and the pressure in the upper cavity of the switch membrane decreases accordingly. The air inlet at the front end of the oil gun nozzle is in communication with the atmosphere, the pressure of the upper chamber and the lower chamber of the switch membrane are equal (both equal to the atmospheric pressure), and the switch membrane is in a balanced position.
    When the oil floods the air intake nozzle and the upper cavity of the switch membrane are isolated from the outside atmosphere to form a negative pressure, the lower cavity of the switch membrane still maintains atmospheric pressure, so that a pressure difference ΔP is formed between the upper and lower cavities of the switch membrane, and the switch membrane is out of balance. When the self-sealing rod moves up, the self-control rod moves down under the pulling force of the switch handle, the steel ball is squeezed into the hole of the self-control rod, the switch handle moves down due to the loss of the fulcrum, the main valve is closed, and the oil supply stops.

    Fuel nozzle Structure

    fuel nozzle detail drawing

    Bluesky Your Professional Fuel Dispenser Pump Manufacturer

    fuel nozzle
    • Model: RT-11A
    • Self-sealing fuel nozzle, Automatic fuel nozzle

    Blue Sky -Various types of refueling nozzle can be customized

    Technical Specs:

    Item: Fuel Nozzle

    Operation: Auto

    Inlet:3/4 in FNPT

    Outlet: Unleaded Spout

    Material: Aluminum

    Max. Pressure: 50 psi

    Application: For Refined Petroleum Liquids

    Customizable LOGO

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    Fuel Nozzle Problems and Solutions

    Fuel Nozzle Hose

    Routine maintenance of fuel dispenser hose

    Why Blue Sky Can be Your Best Fuel Dispenser Supplier in China

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser shell processing
    Fuel dispenser shell using cold-rolled or hot-rolled plates of China Angang Steel Group as raw materials, and processed product sheet metal parts through CNC punching and laser cutting.
    Bending of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Bending process of Fuel dispenser shell
    Use CNC bending machine programming to bend the plate of the fuel dispenser into the designed shape.
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser welding process of sheet metal parts
    using argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, electric welding and other processes to combine the parts.
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser shell spraying
    Using electrostatic spraying technology, the product surface coating is firm, durable, and can resist outdoor ultraviolet rays well. You can choose your favorite color through the color card to perfectly reflect on the fuel dispenser
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board plug-in and welding of the fuel dispenser
    Electronic control system of the fuel dispenser is independently designed by Blue Sky, Using South Korea's Samsung SMT placement machine and reflow soldering technology to perform high-quality soldering processing on the circuit board.
    Assemble of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser assemble
    Workers use assembly lines to assemble various parts into a complete fuel dispenser according to the work instructions.
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser’s components, circuit boards Testing
    advanced inspection instruments and testing equipment are used to conduct a comprehensive test on the performance and functions of the product, and the acceptance can only be accepted if it meets the standards. Ensure stable performance of your fuel dispenser.
    package of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser Packing
    Fuel dispensers can provide carton or fumigation-free wooden box product outer packaging for your choice.

    BlueSky Specializes in R&D and Manufacturing of Fuel Dispensers.

    BlueSky is an Expert in the R&D and the Manufacturing of  Fuel Dispensers.

    Fuel nozzle use and maintenance

    When using the self-sealing fuel nozzle, be careful to handle it with care, and the main valve ejector should be frequently filled with lubricating oil to ensure flexible and reliable action.
    Pay attention to keeping the oil and gas paths in the self-sealing fuel nozzle unblocked to prevent debris from blocking the oil and gas paths, so as to avoid the failure of the self-sealing function.
    Although the self-sealing fuel nozzle has the function of automatically stopping the oil supply after filling the container, the staff should not stay away from the scene when using it to avoid accidents.

    Troubleshooting and troubleshooting of self-sealing fuel nozzle
    Trouble phenomenon Cause Removal method
    Self-sealing failure
    1. There is tiny dirt in the depression of the needle roller of the rubber diaphragm and the self-control lever
    2. There is a foreign object stuck at the auxiliary valve
    2.1 Open the measuring cover, and take out the rubber diaphragm for cleaning
    2.2 Remove the oil outlet pipe and take out the auxiliary valve to remove foreign matter.
    Self-sealing is too sensitive There are foreign objects in the ventilation hole of the auxiliary valve Remove the oil outlet pipe and clean the ventilation hole of the auxiliary valve.
    Oil leakage at the ejector rod Sealing ring failure Replace.
    No oil The auxiliary valve is stuck (usually occurs at the first startup after a long period of shutdown) Remove the oil outlet pipe, take out the auxiliary valve, and then check the joint between the oil outlet hole of the fuel nozzle body and the auxiliary valve.
    No burrs, just reinstall after removing the burrs.
    After the nozzle is turned off, there is still a small amount of oil flowing out of the oil outlet pipe, which cannot be closed immediately. The auxiliary valve is stuck by foreign objects. Same as above
    The fuel nozzle is hung on the machine and the oil still overflows from the oil outlet pipe The main valve is worn or blocked by foreign objects Open the main valve, take out the main valve to replace the rubber gasket, or remove foreign objects.


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