Solar Mobile Gas Station Manufacturers and suppliers

BlueSky focuses on creating a pioneer in technology in the application field of solar mobile gas stations, providing customers and partners with the most advanced and high-quality products and services.

  • A mobile gas station can carry 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 m³ oil storage tanks.
  • The mobile gas station has an intelligent control system.
  • Mobile phone APP management system, real-time viewing of data.
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    Solar Mobile Gas Stations Are Widely Used Worldwide

    Bluesky is a well-known mobile gas station manufacturer in China. The mobile gas station successfully solved the problem of fuel filling of internal transportation vehicles, on-site construction vehicles, and vehicles in remote suburbs.
    The mobile gas station includes the oil storage tank, the injection room, the workroom, the powder room, and the canopy.
    There are solar photovoltaic electrical boards on the top of the rams, and the stored power can be used for lighting.
    The power room can connect to the external power input, or the generator can be configured for gas stations.
    The working room is an independent office with air conditioning, a gas station management system, electrical control system, and a liquid level control system.
    Mobile app management system, remote surveillance, see data in real-time.

    Bluesky Your Professional Solar Mobile Gas Station Manufacturer

    mobile gas station
    • 1 oil product, 40m³ storage tank, 1 or 2 nozzle fuel dispensers.
    • 2 oil products, 2×20m³ storage tank, 2 nozzle fuel dispensers.

    Blue Sky -Your Leading Supplier of All Types Solar Mobile Gas Station

    Solar Mobile Gas Station Standard Specifications:

    » 1x fuel dispenser 50 liters/min
    » 1x fuel transfer pump, approximately 300Liter/min. Capable unloading and supply.
    » 2x Fire extinguisher
    » Single wall, single product plated carbon steel tank
    » 3″ Fuel fill point (Cam Lock) / Overfill protection valve.
    » Tank level and temperature gauge indicator.
    » Integrated ladder and sun-shield for the top of container access.
    » 1x light in the dispensing room
    » 1x 20FT container or 40FT container
    » 1 x Automation system with LTMS and APP
    » Generator,  supplying the power
    » Solar Panel, supplying the power
    » Oil and Gas recovery system for gasoline
    » Integrated Office with AC, Table, etc
    » Metering System, to measure the quantity during loading
    » Self-Service with IC card or Bankcard or RFID card
    » Advertising LOGO lightbox
    » Air conditioner


    1. Remote online monitoring by Mobile phone App
    2. Smart payment terms, IC card, Mobile App, QR Scanning
    3. Various volumes capacity from 10m³-50m³
    4. Complete security system: Fire alarm fire extinguishing system, Leak detection system, Pressure relief system, Emergency intelligent linkage shutdown function.
    5. Electrostatic grounding
    6. Smart ATG control system, Fuel level detection, low-level alarm

    Outdoor mobile refueling experts



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    Solar mobile gas station

    Why Blue Sky Can be Your Best Solar Mobile Gas Station Supplier in China

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Mobile Gas Station shell processing
    Mobile Gas Station shell using cold-rolled or hot-rolled plates of China Angang Steel Group as raw materials, and processed product sheet metal parts through CNC punching and laser cutting.
    Bending of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Bending process of mobile gas station shell
    Use CNC bending machine programming to bend the plate into the designed shape.
    Gas Station Tank welding
    Welding process of sheet metal parts
    Using argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, electric welding and other processes to combine the parts.
    mobile gas station workshop
    Shell spraying
    The product surface coating is firm, durable, and can resist outdoor ultraviolet rays well. You can choose your favorite color through the color card to perfectly reflect on the mobile gas station
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board plug-in and welding
    Electronic control system of the container fuel station is independently designed by Blue Sky, Using South Korea's Samsung SMT placement machine and reflow soldering technology to perform high-quality soldering processing on the circuit board.
    mobile gas station Installation Workshop
    Assemble workshop
    Workers use assembly lines to assemble various parts into a complete mobile gas station according to the work instructions.
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Components, circuit boards Testing
    Advanced inspection instruments and testing equipment are used to conduct a comprehensive test on the performance and functions of the product, and the acceptance can only be accepted if it meets the standards. Ensure stable performance of your mobile gas station.
    mobile gas station trailer transportation
    Container or trailer transportation

    BlueSky Specializes in R&D and Manufacturing of mobile gas station

    Bluesky Specializes in R & D and Manual Mobile Gas Station


    1. How to get the best offer for a solar Mobile Gas Station?

    Please leave a message or email us, and the sales manager will contact you.

    2. How many days is the mobile gas station’s delivery time?

    Usually, the lead time is 30 working days.

    3. How to transport?

    You can choose to cooperate with your own freight forwarding company, or you can use We have a reliable cooperative freight Forwarder, container or trailer transportation

    4. What is the operating voltage of the solar mobile gas station?

    The working voltage is confirmed before placing the order, we usually use AC220V 50Hz.

    5. Where can it be used?

    The Solar Mobile Gas Station is Suitable for Companies with Transport Fleets, Large-Scale Construction Sites, and Remote Areas.

    6. Can The Mobile Gas Station Be Filled with Gasoline and Diesel at the Same Time?

    Yes, it can be equipped with 2 il storage tanks, gasoline, and direct.
    2 nozzle fuel dispense.

    7. How about the after-sales service?

    Bluesky Provides 7X24 Service. The Sales Staff Will Set Up Working Groups for Customers in WeChat and WhatsApp to Deal with Any problems With the Solar Mobile Gas Station.

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