Fuel Dispenser Pump Manufacturers - tatsuno, tokheim and Bennett pump

BlueSky exports the most fuel dispenser pump in China, and we aspire to become the preferred supplier of small and medium-sized energy companies worldwide.

  • Fuel dispenser pump has a variety of models for customers to choose from, and supports submersible and self-priming types.
  • Fuel dispenser pump can be customized according to customer needs, including logo, nameplate, etc.
  • Fuel dispenser pump supports Bennett, Tatsuno, and Tokheim type configurations.
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    Fuel Dispenser Pump Supplier to Support Your Business

    BlueSky fuel dispenser pump already exported to many countries and more than 100,000 fuel dispenser pumps are working in our customers’ gas stations, and this number is constantly increasing. Our controllers are of stable quality and precise control, which are widely welcomed by our customers.

    Bluesky Your Professional Fuel Dispenser Pump Manufacturer

    Fuel Dispenser pump
    • Bennett pump
    • Fuel Dispenser Pump Manufacturers – tatsuno, tokheim and Bennett pump
    Fuel Dispenser pump
    • Tokheim pump
    • Fuel Dispenser Pump Manufacturers – tatsuno, tokheim and Bennett pump
    Fuel Dispenser pump
    • Tatsuno pump
    • Fuel Dispenser Pump Manufacturers – tatsuno, tokheim and Bennett pump

    Blue Sky -Your Leading Supplier of All Types Fuel Dispensers Pump

    BlueSky is a national high-tech enterprise in China and the first company in China that specializes in R&D and manufacturing of electronic controllers for Fuel dispenser pumps.

    Fuel Dispenser Pump has the advantages of a thick and stable appearance, long service life, and high fuel metering accuracy. It can be equipped with a TV, LED, camera, printer, and other auxiliary equipment to make the gas station more beautiful. Can be connected to a mobile APP management System, remotely modify the unit price, control the switch of the fuel nozzle, and make the management more intelligent.

    It’s similar to the types of flowmeters, and the famous suction pumps also are the Tatsuno type, Tokheim type, and Bennett type.

    Tatsuno type pump(RT-CP5)

    Tatsuno type pump is one kind of famous gear-type pump. The main material is It can work with diesel, gasoline, and mixed oil. The pump has installed the air separator inside. It is able to provide a small fuel amount during refueling. The Tatsuno type pump can achieve low working noise, long service life, powerful oil and gas separation capability, and so on.

    Fuel Dispenser pump CP5


    Tokheim type pump (RT-CTP2)

    Tokheim-type pump is also a gear-type pump but is made of iron. It has a similar advantage to the Tatsuno-type flowmeter, but the working noise will be a little louder. And because of the iron material, it will be more fit for the dirty oil. For this reason, the Tokheim-type pump and flowmeter have been widely used in the African market.


    CTP2 pump

    Bennett type pump (RT-JBL50)

    The Bennett-type pump used the same material as the Tatsuno-type pump, both of them are made of aluminum alloy. But Bennett type pump is Vane type pump. The main advantage of this type of pump is the high flow rate and lower cost. That the flow rate can reach 80L/min for the normal type when the Gear pump could be only around 60L/min. And the cost for this pump is much lower than the gear pump.

    JBL50 pump


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    Fuel Dispenser pump video

    Why Blue Sky Can be Your Best Fuel Dispenser Pump Supplier in China

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser shell processing
    Fuel dispenser shell using cold-rolled or hot-rolled plates of China Angang Steel Group as raw materials, and processed product sheet metal parts through CNC punching and laser cutting.
    Bending of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Bending process of Fuel dispenser shell
    Use CNC bending machine programming to bend the plate of the fuel dispenser into the designed shape.
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser welding process of sheet metal parts
    using argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, electric welding and other processes to combine the parts.
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser shell spraying
    Using electrostatic spraying technology, the product surface coating is firm, durable, and can resist outdoor ultraviolet rays well. You can choose your favorite color through the color card to perfectly reflect on the fuel dispenser
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board plug-in and welding of the fuel dispenser
    Electronic control system of the fuel dispenser is independently designed by Blue Sky, Using South Korea's Samsung SMT placement machine and reflow soldering technology to perform high-quality soldering processing on the circuit board.
    Assemble of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser assemble
    Workers use assembly lines to assemble various parts into a complete fuel dispenser according to the work instructions.
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser’s components, circuit boards Testing
    advanced inspection instruments and testing equipment are used to conduct a comprehensive test on the performance and functions of the product, and the acceptance can only be accepted if it meets the standards. Ensure stable performance of your fuel dispenser.
    package of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Fuel dispenser Packing
    Fuel dispensers can provide carton or fumigation-free wooden box product outer packaging for your choice.

    BlueSky Specializes in R&D and Manufacturing of Computer Controllers for Fuel Dispensers.

    BlueSky is an Expert in the R&D and the Manufacturing of  Fuel Dispensers.


    1. Where are our fuel dispenser pumps exported?

    Our fuel dispenser pumps are exported all over the world, Africa, America, Oceania, Europe, Asia

    2. What is the minimum order quantity for our fuel dispenser pump?

    We have no restrictions on this. It is our honor for customers to place orders for us, even 1 piece.

    3. How long is the warranty period of the fuel dispenser pump?

    Usually, our warranty period is one year, but we can revise it according to the quantity or terms of the contract.

    4. What are the packaging methods of our fuel dispenser pump?

    Usually, we have carton packaging and wooden box packaging methods.

    5. If the fuel dispenser pump warranty period expires, do we still provide services?

    Yes, we will continue to provide services, including online guidance and repair parts services.

    6. What are fuel dispenser pump shipment methods?

    We support all modes of shipment, railway transportation, sea transportation, air transportation, express delivery, etc.

    7. What are the payment methods we support?

    We support TT bank transfer, WeChat, Alipay, credit card and letter of credit, etc.

    8. What is the delivery time of the fuel dispenser pump?

    We have three production lines. Whether your purchase quantity is 10 or 200, our production time is 20 days.

    9. How to become our distributor/dealer?

    If you have a large purchase quantity and buy regularly, you can become our distributor, and we will also provide you with better prices to help you develop the market.

    10. If the fuel dispenser pump encounters difficulties during the installation process, will your engineers come to help us on-site?

    We provide online service and door-to-door service. If the online service cannot solve the problem, our engineer will come to guide you, but the round-trip expenses, including board and lodging, must be paid by you.


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