Container LNG skid

Container LNG skid integrates LNG storage tanks, submersible pumps, gasifiers, and dosing machines into a single container.

It can realize all the functions of a fixed LNG refueling station, as well as safety monitoring and leak alarms. Emergency and other multiple

protection measures.

Product features:

1. Easy to move, less space, fast installation.

2. Highly integration, safety, and low power consumption.

3. Highly automated, easy operation.


Contaier LNG Skid



Technical performances
Daily refueling capacity 60m3
Atmospheric Pressure Maximum: 12000Nm3, Minimum: 10000Nm3
System working pressure Designed for 1.6MPa
Gas metering accuracy ±1.0%
Energy consumption < 0.05kWh/Nm3
Refueling time for a car 3-5min
Aerated pre-cooling Starting pre-cooling time does not exceed the 30s
Discharging time < 3h
LNG liquid filling rate in the storage tank 90%
Noise ≤55dB
Barrier-free working hours ≥5000h
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