LNG Dispenser Manufacturer in China

Bluesky is the most comprehensive LNG Dispenser, LNG Fuelling Stations Equipment Manufacturers in China. If you want to purchase LNG filling equipment, it is correct to choose Bluesky

  • The measurement accuracy deviation of the LNG dispenser is controlled by ±1.0%
  • LNG Dispenser supports IC mode filling
  • Important parts of LNG Dispenser come from world-renowned brand suppliers
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    LNG Dispenser, LNG Fuelling Stations Equipment Manufacturers & Supplier in China

    Bluesky provides complete sets of equipment for LNG filling stations, full sets of equipment for L-CNG stations, LNG station upgrades, gas station upgrades, intelligent gas station management systems, LNG submersible pump skids, LNG dispensers, CNG dispensers, L-CNG plunger pump skid, LNG cryogenic submersible pump skid, etc.

    The LNG gas dispenser is mainly used by racks, flowmeters, gas-liquid separators, air-liquid separators, air-to-air guns, air-to-air nozzles, safety valves, pneumatic deeper valves, manual deeper valves, pressure sensors, power wiring box, power control box, electrical controller (CPU boards, LCD screens, and keyboards), connecting pipe roads, etc.

    LNG working principle

    LNG flows through the gas pipeline of the LNG pneumatic machine, to the liquid flow meter, when the liquid is added, the pneumatic valve 1 is opened, the liquid flows through the liquid pipe, and the liquid gun adds the liquid. In the car cylinder, when the pressure in the LNG car cylinder is too high, the pressure in the LNG car cylinder needs to be reduced through the gas pipeline. The calculation of the calculation, the amount of liquid is reached, when the standby and the LNG plus liquid machine make a small cycle, and the pneumatic valve 2 is opened.

    When pumping, connect the gas nozzle to the car’s gas port. The medium enters the automobile storage tank through the gas pipeline, and the flowmeter transmits the measurement pulse signal to the electrical controller after the electrical controller is processed the Amount.

    The pipeline is to remove the high-pressure gases in the car-load bottle.

    Bluesky Your Professional LNG Dispenser Manufacturer

    LNG dispenser
    • 1 Gas-liquid separator-1 Nozzle-2 Display
    •  LNG Dispenser, LNG Fuelling Stations Equipment Manufacturers
    LNG dispenser
    • 1 Gas-liquid separator-1 Nozzle-2 Display
    •  LNG Dispenser, LNG Fuelling Stations Equipment Manufacturers
    LNG dispenser
    • 1 Gas-liquid separator-1 Nozzle-2 Display
    • LNG Dispenser, LNG Fuelling Stations Equipment Manufacturers

    The best LNG Dispenser is from Bluesky

    LNG dispenser adopts a gantry structure, and the columns, panels, and front doors are made of stainless steel plates. The main components are mass flow meters, pressure sensors, IC card electronic control systems, small ticket printers, explosion-proof control power supplies, LNG computer controllers, pneumatic valves, ball valves, stop valves, safety valves, metal hoses, filling guns, air return nozzle, Process piping, and casing, etc.

    Technical performances:

    • Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+55℃
    • The pipeline temperature: (-196°C~+55)°C
    • Ambient humidity:30%~90%
    • Power: AC220V or DC24V
    • Flow rate: (1~80) kg/min
    • Measurement precision: ±1.0%
    • Rated working pressure: 1.6MPa
    • Gas-filling preset range: 1~9900 kg
    • Rating power: <100W
    • Unit price range: 0~99.99
    • Single range: 1~9900.00
    • Accumulation range: 0-99999999.99
    • Capable of saving the data when out of power, extending the display time, and repeating the display.
    • Capable of saving 1000 refueling records, which is queryable.
    • Printer (option).
    • Equipped with an IC card reader.
    • Leaves the communication ports, so it can communicate with the filling station management system.


    Bluesky LNG, CNG, Hydrogenation Station Case

    LNG dispenser video

    Why Blue Sky Can be Your Best LNG Dispenser Supplier in China

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    LNG dispenser shell processing
    LNG dispenser shell using cold-rolled or hot-rolled plates of China Angang Steel Group as raw materials, and processed product sheet metal parts through CNC punching and laser cutting.
    Bending of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Bending process of LNG dispenser shell
    Use CNC bending machine programming to bend the plate of the LNG dispenser into the designed shape.
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    LNG dispenser welding process of sheet metal parts
    using argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, electric welding and other processes to combine the parts.
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    LNG dispenser shell spraying
    Using electrostatic spraying technology, the product surface coating is firm, durable, and can resist outdoor ultraviolet rays well. You can choose your favorite color through the color card to perfectly reflect on the LNG dispenser
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board plug-in and welding of the LNG dispenser
    Electronic control system of the LNG dispenser is independently designed by Blue Sky, Using South Korea's Samsung SMT placement machine and reflow soldering technology to perform high-quality soldering processing on the circuit board.
    Assemble of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    LNG dispenser assemble
    Workers use assembly lines to assemble various parts into a complete LNG dispenser according to the work instructions.
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    LNG dispenser’s components, circuit boards Testing
    advanced inspection instruments and testing equipment are used to conduct a comprehensive test on the performance and functions of the product, and the acceptance can only be accepted if it meets the standards. Ensure stable performance of your LNG dispenser.
    package of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    LNG dispenser Packing
    LNG dispensers can provide carton or fumigation-free wooden box product outer packaging for your choice.

    BlueSky Specializes in R&D and Manufacturing of LNG Dispensers.

    BlueSky is an expert in the R&D and manufacturing of LNG dispensers


    1. How can I get more information about the LNG dispenser?

    You can download the product catalog from the website to learn the detailed parameters of the LNG dispenser, or you can contact our business manager to learn more.

    2. How to choose LNG Dispenser?

    We have different types of LNG dispensers, such as single nozzle, double nozzle, four nozzles, etc. According to your needs and budget, we will provide you with a free product catalog, LNG Dispenser renderings, and consulting services

    3. I want to order an LNG dispenser, how do I place an order? How to pay?

    1. Contact our sales manager to sign the purchase contract.

    2. Pay 30% advance payment, we accept multiple payment methods, such as cash, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C, and D/P. You can also accept payment by letter of credit.

    4. How to inspect the goods?

    You can use the mobile app to view the on-site production process in the workshop. If necessary, you can also come to the Blue Sky Factory or entrust a third-party inspection agency to supervise the LNG Dispenser production until delivery.

    5. What should I do if I can’t use the LNG dispenser?

    You don’t have to worry, we can use videos or operating instructions, or send engineers to your site for on-site training.

    6. What should I do if the LNG dispenser fails during operation?

    If the LNG dispenser fails, please stop using it immediately. The keyboard will display the fault code, call our after-sales staff to get a solution.

    7. How to maintain the LNG dispenser daily?

    1. Keep the LNG dispenser clean, and clean up the dust and dirt accumulated on each part in time.

    2. Regularly use a leak detector to check the LNG pipeline and LNG dispenser pipeline system. If there is any leakage, please ask a professional to repair it.

    3. The filling gun of the LNG dispenser should be protected and checked regularly. If damaged, please repair or replace it immediately.

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