LPG Filling Scale

The LPG electronic filling scale is an LPG filling system with a metering function, which functions to inject the LPG into the container according to the set weight. The filling scale consists of a liquid filling gun, a weighing platform, and a control system. The system is mature in structure and stable in performance and does not pose a hazard to the operator’s environment. It is widely used in all walks of life requiring LPG filling.

The LPG electronic filling scale uses a pressure-sensing sensor to collect data using a 24Bit high-precision AD conversion chip produced by Texas Instruments, using a high-precision Cortex-M3 series core processor from STMicroelectronics for data analysis, using a balance scale and corresponding Piping is designed to reduce data interference. The new human-computer interaction interface, net weight, gross weight, error, and other parameters and on-site control status display at a glance, the system parameters are softwareized, and the operator can conveniently and efficiently set various parameters on the touch screen.


LPG sdale



Category Parameters

Supply voltage


Working temperature -10℃~40℃
Level of accuracy
Minimum weighing 3kg
Maximum weighing 150kg
Division value 50g
7-inch TFT LCD and membrane buttons

Standard mode: automatic peeling, automatic identification of cans (5 types can be set), according to the cans automatically judge the LPG filling weight.

Net weight mode: automatic peeling, filling with the weight of pure LPG.

Gross weight mode: Filled by the weight of the can and the weight of the LPG.

Lock function: Enter the password to unlock to prevent other unrelated personnel from operating.

Calibration function: The calibration scale guarantees the accuracy of the filling scale.

Total Query: Query total gas consumption, total amount, cumulative bottle number, and filling time.

100-filling record query function: query the tanks, gas consumption, amount, unit price, total gas consumption, and end time of the last 100 guns.

Anti-cheat function: The weight of the weighing platform is lightened due to human intervention during the filling process, the filling is suspended, and the alarm is automatically issued.

Blue Sky Communication Protocol: Connect to the blue sky background system.

Batch inquiry function: You can query the cumulative number of bottles and total air consumption per batch of the last ten batches.

Peeling function: remove the weight of the cylinder and the weight of the connecting tube.

Machine diagram




Serial number Code Name Quantity Remarks
1 GZC-02 base 1
2 GZC-02 canned scale console 1
3 GZCT-01 filling scale 2
4 GZC-02 pipe assembly 1
5 Eight-way explosion-proof box 1
6 Six-way explosion-proof box 1
7 Electronic control unit 1



Main interface introduction


LPG Filling Scale

LPG Filling Scale

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