LPG Leak Sensor

LPG leaksensor

Technical performances
Parameter name Technical conditions Remark
Loop voltage ≤15V AC or DC
Heater voltage 5.0V±0.2V
Heating resistor 31Ω±3Ω Indoor temperature
Heating power consumption ≤900mW ≤0.1%
Operating temperature  -10℃~+50℃ 1 pcs/carton
Storage temperature  -20℃~+70℃
Ambient relative humidity <95%Rh
Ambient oxygen concentration 21%( standard condition) The min is greater than 2%
Sensing Resistance 10KΩ-60 KΩ

(1000ppm CH₄)

Concentration slope ≤0.6 (1000ppm/5000ppm CH₄)

Standard working conditions

Temperature: 20℃±2℃  Vc: 5.0V±0.1V
Relative humidity: 65%±5% Vh: 5.0V±0.1V
Warm uptime No less than 24 hours
Detection range 300-5000ppm

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