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BlueSky is very professional and with 20 years of experience in the production of LPG skid, we have exported to Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. The number of LPG skid exports has exceeded 5,000 units. Bluesky has complete technology and services and provides the best solution for customers who need to build LPG Autogas stations.

  • LPG SKID is suitable for different terrains and remote mountainous areas.
  • LPG SKID can be customized so that clients can design the shape and logo of the LPG tank.
  • LPG SKID’s refueling data can be viewed on the mobile app
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    LPG Skid Manufacturers & Supplier in China

    LPG Skid

    It contains an LPG tank, LPG dispenser, LPG filling scale, LPG pump, Control box, Leakage detection, water cooling system, level meter, and valves as a complete set on the skid, available for filling the LPG vehicles and LPG cooking, camping cylinder.

    LPG Skid Technical performances

    1. ATEX certificated LPG dispensers
    2. Ready to connect with IC card management system by internet
    3. ATC according to ASTM Table 54 with RTD
    4. Electronic and Mechanical calibration
    5. Emergency stop systems
    6. Acme threaded tank filling connection
    7. Magnetic Level Gauge
    8. Vane (90 lt/min) or Multi-stage Centrifigucal (60 lt/min) high performance pump options
    9. Complete electrical control panel with gas sensors
    10. Ex-proof connections for all electrical equipment
    11. Gas Sensing and alarm system
    12. Capacity available with 5-10 m³

    Main functions and features

    1. In computer control, the computer head can display the amount of refilling and the amount of refilling independently.
    2. Preset gas filling function with a fixed amount and fixed gas filling volume.
    3. After filling up the gas, it has the function of automatic stop; it can also stop automatically if it is not filled with gas over time, and you can set the protection of large and small flow rates.
    4. With the power failure redisplay function, the data still exists after power failure.
    5. The last 10 refilling data can be redisplayed for inspection.
    6. It can count the accumulative value and summary accumulative value of the current shift.
    7. It has the function of automatic fault detection and can automatically display the fault code.
    8. It has the function of communicating with other devices, and there are many optional communication methods.
    9. It can be equipped with a background management system and an IC card operating system to realize automatic management of the gas station.
    10. It can refill gas vehicles with different interfaces.
    11. It has the function of pull-off protection to ensure the safe separation and sealing of the air gun when the car is accidentally towed away.
    12. It has the protection function of limiting flow to ensure the safety of gas filling.
    13. It has the function of automatic temperature compensation and can query the compensation value.
    14. Ultra-precision filtration ensures the service life of important parts of the gas dispenser.
    15. The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
    16. Keyboard operation, rich in functions, can complete the setting and query of various programs.

    Bluesky Your Professional LPG Skid, Mobile LPG Filling Tanker Manufacturers & Supplier in China

    LT-LPGQ-01-20 LPG skid
    • Single Nozzle LPG dispenser
    • LPG Tank: 20 M3
    LT-LPGQ-01-20 LPG skid
    • Double Nozzle LPG dispenser
    • LPG Tank: 40 M3

    The best LPG Skid, Skid Tank LPG, LPG Skid Station is from Bluesky

    1. Development of LPG skid plant

    In the LPG field, LPG is an important gas fuel energy and plays an important role in the lives of residents. The LPG skid plant is the terminal of the industrial chain in the field of civil fuels, realizing terminal sales to users. In recent years, many new changes have occurred in the LPG skid-mounted industry.

    LPG skid plant is a popular gas filling method in the world. It is easy to move and install. It is suitable for towns, villages, construction sites, and other remote areas with insufficient gas sources. Due to its advantages of easy operation, space-saving, and capital saving, it is widely used and approved by the public.

    LPG skid

    2. What is an LPG skid plant?

    LPG skid plant is a ground filling integrated equipment, its main structure consists of a storage tank, LPG filling scale,  pump, metal base, pipeline, ceiling, valve, filling the table, sprinkler system, filling equipment, another auxiliary ground filling, and storage equipment composed of safety facilities. The specifications of LPG skid are generally: 5/10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60m3, and the specific configuration requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Liquid filling operation: turn the electrical operation switch of the explosion-proof box to the automatic state, close the ball valves on the liquid inlet pipeline, and open the ball valves on the liquid outlet pipeline of the storage tank and on the pipeline of the tank scale at the same time; The gas gun is reliably connected with the filling tank, and normal filling operation can be carried out at this time.

    Bluesky LPG skid

    3. Why use the LPG skid plant?

    The LPG skid plant is economical and economical, with low investment costs and low manufacturing, use, and maintenance costs. Strong mobility, convenient installation and transportation, convenient filling operation, excellent performance, and can perform multiple mobile filling and gas filling operations.

    4. What are the application scenarios for the LPG skid plant?

    LPG skid plant is above ground model unit, which is suitable for filling LPG vehicles and cylinders. who system is ready to work as soon as it is connected to electricity supply or to compressed air (if any) and powered with gas.

    5. What are the benefits of the BlueSky Energy LPG skid plant?

    Blue Sky LPG skid plant is produced based on China National Liquefied Petroleum Gas Equipment GB/T19238- 2003 and certified by PCEC. This technology is the best for the ones who need a very cost-effective turnkey solution for the sale of LPG since it works as a complete refueling station for vehicles. The skid can be supplied with or without a tank and can be personalized with the dispenser of your choice.

    Blue Sky Energy is not only supply the LPG skid plant, but we also give the best oversea service. Our company is all over the world and We always provide customers with the best solutions, technical support, and door-to-door training and installation guidance.

    Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

    Why Blue Sky Can be Your Best LPG Skid, LPG stations Manufacturers & Supplier in China

    Blanking of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    LPG skid shell processing
    Shell using cold-rolled or hot-rolled plates of China Angang Steel Group as raw materials, and processed product sheet metal parts through CNC punching and laser cutting.
    Bending of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Bending process shell
    Use CNC bending machine programming to bend the plate into the designed shape.
    Welding for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Process of sheet metal parts
    using argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, electric welding and other processes to combine the parts.
    Spraying of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Shell spraying
    Using electrostatic spraying technology, the product surface coating is firm, durable, and can resist outdoor ultraviolet rays well. You can choose your favorite color through the color card to perfectly reflect on the LPG skid
    Chip soldering
    Circuit board plug-in and welding
    Electronic control system of the LPG skid is independently designed by Bluesky, Using South Korea's Samsung SMT placement machine and reflow soldering technology to perform high-quality soldering processing on the circuit board.
    Assemble of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Workers use assembly lines to assemble various parts into a complete LPG skid according to the work instructions.
    Testing for Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Components, circuit boards Testing
    advanced inspection instruments and testing equipment are used to conduct a comprehensive test on the performance and functions of the product, and the acceptance can only be accepted if it meets the standards. Ensure stable performance of your LPG skid
    package of Fuel Station refilling equipment
    Can provide carton or fumigation-free wooden box product outer packaging for your choice.

    BlueSky Specializes in R&D and Manufacturing of LPG Skid

    BlueSky is an expert in the R&D and manufacturing of LPG Skid


    1 . How to visit the BlueSky LPG SKID factory?

    We can send you a business invitation letter, plan and arrange your itinerary to China, or arrange your own itinerary, and we will fully assist and support you. If you have other purchases in China, we are also happy to help you. Bluesky has the LPG SKID you need most

    2. How to choose LPG SKID equipment?

    We have different types of LPG SKID, according to the volume, it is divided into 5CBM STATION, 10CBM STATION, 20CBM STATION, 30CBM STATION, 50CBM STATION,LPG SKID is available to install with LPG dispenser and LPG scale for different uses.

    3. Can the LPG SKID be customized?

    Sure. Our LPG SKID accepts customization, according to the customer’s different site sizes, we can design different sizes of skids and tanks, as well as piping designs.

    4. Can the LPG SKID be used with the system?

    Yes, LPG SKID can install the level gauge system to measure the oil tank’s level. We can install our management system to summarize the liquid level information and the filling data of the LPG dispenser to the office computer and mobile app.

    5. Can LPG SKID use an IC card system to refuel?

    Yes, the LPG dispenser of LPS SKID can install the keyboard with an ic card plug-in keyboard and the motherboard with an ic card.

    6. Can I accept payment by letter of credit for the payment of the LPG SKID?

    Our LPG SKID can accept various payment methods, such as cash, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C, and D/P. We can also accept letters of credit payment, if you need other financial services in China, we can also help you.

    7. Can you provide training services if you don’t know how to use the LPG SKID?

    We can use videos or operation guides for operation or send engineers to your gas station for LPG SKID training.

    8. What to do if the LPG SKID has passed the warranty period?

    We generally provide a 1-year warranty. If the warranty period has passed, we will continue to provide you with after-sales service and technical support. At any time your LPG SKID has a problem, you can contact us and we will assist you in solving it.

    9. Is your LPG SKID qualified for export?

    Yes, our LPG SKID has export explosion-proof certificates, and pressure vessel certificates, our LPG tanks can make ASME certification, and the dispenser has MID certification. We have exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.


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