LPG Side Channel Multistage Pump

The DB-65 multistage pump, centrifugal and side channel, is designed with 6 stages, having a horizontal configuration, Shaft sealing by mechanical seal without cooling, for handling LPG
(liquid gas ), the liquids involving high-differential pressure, low NPSH conditions, and aerated liquids up to 50% gas, such as pumping from underground tanks. The use of a pre-compression
turbine at the suction end makes it possible to obtain a very small required NPSH so that this pump can be used under very difficult suction conditions.

Application :
LPG cylinder filling, Pumping LPG from underground storage, Bulk filling operations, Loading/ unloading of bulk trucks and transport trailers, and vaporizer feed pumps.

LPG Multistage pump

DB-65 LPG Side Channel Multistage Pump With Motor

LPG Multistage pump DB-65

DB-65 LPG Side Channel Multistage Pump Without Motor


Technical performances:

LPG Multistage pump technical parameter


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