RFID Smart Charging Station

Smart charging stations are very familiar to everyone. By depositing coins, electric vehicles can be charged. Electric cars, like bicycles in today’s society, are available to every household, and some families even have more than one. At present, the number of electric vehicles is increasing, and charging stations will also increase accordingly. Public charging stations need to achieve unmanned and intelligent charging.

EV charging station

Charging stations all have intelligent coin functions, so if you forget to bring your change, you won’t be able to charge, which also brings a lot of inconvenience to travel.

So, the question arises?

Blue Sky smart charging stations allow you to bid farewell to old-fashioned charging and enjoy a smart charging environment.

We can use RFID technology, Install a scanning device on the product, it can support bank cards or RFID offline cards.

You can set charging by minute in our Blue Sky backend, which is convenient for controlling your itinerary.

When settling fees, you can check how many minutes have been charged. Afterward, you only need your convenient payment method, Payment can be completed. Greatly improved time.

Ic card


RFID technology can also identify the license plate of a vehicle, Identify your identity through an internal card reader, and once successful, you can directly charge it. After charging, various payment methods are supported, Implement automatic deduction.

What is RFID?

What is RFID







Frequency Of Operation

Frequency of Operation

How to set system parameters?

  1. Install a scanning terminal on the device.
  2. Each line has its own independent control system.
  3. Calculate time and cost through independent routes.
  4. The computer terminal receives all information and can effectively control all circuits.
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