RFID Smart Gas Station

RFID plays a very important role in smart gas stations. It has the advantages of non-contact, adjustable distance, high precision, and fast information collection speed. It can replace the old-fashioned working method and improve work efficiency. The greater advantage of this technology is that it has an automatic recognition function, which can complete previously difficult tasks. It effectively improves the timeliness of data entry and improves the efficiency of gas station operations.


System principle

Install an RFID reader on the fuel dispenser gun (as shown above), connect with the communication data of the fuel dispenser, connect to the network through TCP/IP or RS485 bus, or use a wireless network to connect to the communication, and finally connect to the computer through the gas station data, Install the RFID management system software on the computer, realize the automatic refueling function through the RFID management system, the system will automatically identify the vehicles entering the gas station, and connect with the matching fuel card of the vehicle, and pay for each refueling with the card.

RFID management system

The basic principle of the system is to install a series of smart cards representing different points on each inspection target of the gas station; set up the plans for the lines and time to be inspected before putting forward on the management software and the inspection device; When the corresponding target is detected, the inspector uses the hand-held inspector to read the card, records the card number and time representing the point, and at the same time enters the scene to collect and input various inspection sub-items of the target mark; after the inspection is completed, through the communicator to connect the inspection device to upload the inspection data to the computer software for processing, after which the inspection work can be recorded and checked (such as missing inspection, non-according to the inspection, etc.), and at the same time, the situation of the inspection target Collect and analyze data.

RFID module

RFID workflow

1. The computer receives the card number information of the RFID reader

2. Compare the user card number information stored in the computer, and check the account balance (there must be an interface to express the operation process)

3. The balance is sufficient to return the start command

4. The oil machine starts, showing the oil path, starting from the oil tank

5. Display the liquid level of the oil tank and the liquid level in the liquid level gauge drops during the refueling process

6. Refueling binding, record uploading, and account balance deduction.

Features of RFID management system

1 . Full control of fueling processes

2 . Attendant customer service and self-service

3.  Managing the gas inventory

4.  Managing suppliers

5.  Controlling the fuel price at each pump according to the payment type or customer mode

6 . A variety of more than 20 kinds of reports

7 . Employee management including work hours and salaries

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