Routine maintenance of fuel dispenser hose

The fuel dispenser hose, that is, a dedicated oil pipe of the refueling pump, is a type of industrial hose. It is suitable for gasoline transportation of gasoline, and diesel,

including oxide fuel (the highest mixed dissolved 15 15%oxidation compound), and gasoline containing a small amount of additives.

fuel dispenser hose

1. Basic performance introduction

According to structural forms, the fuel dispenser hose can be divided into ordinary and oil and gas recovery types. Ordinary hoses are a single hose. Oil and gas recycling adhesive hose is a kind of oil and gas reverse coaxial rubber hose.

One end of the rubber hose is connected to the oil and gas separator, and the other end is connected to the oil and gas recycling gas -gas -gas recycling. There is an oil road between the hose.

2. Use pressure

The work pressure of the common tubing hose in the hose is not greater than 1.6MPa, and the blasting pressure can usually reach 4.8MPa.

3. Connect

There are two types of connectors in the market: buckle and internal distension. The connection threads of ordinary hoses are mainly NPT, BSP, BSPT,

and other forms. The connection thread of oil and gas recycling hoses is mainly M34 public threads.

4. Maintenance and maintenance during use

(1) During the use of oil and gas recycling hoses, due to the frequent rotation of refueling guns,

the sealing rings of the refueling gun hose joint can be easily sealed. The oil and gas recovery system of the tanker should be checked regularly,

and regularly replace the sealing ring of the tanker hose joint should be easy to wear.

(2) The rotation of the joint of the oil and gas recycling hose is achieved by the steel balls inlaid inside the connector.

Due to the long-term use, the lubricating fat between the steel balls will be lacking due to volatility,

which will affect the rotation flexibility of the joint. During the daily use process,

you can regularly add lubricating fat to the steel balls to keep the joints having good rotation performance.

5. Solution of daily problems caused by glue reasons

Leakage at the tanker adhesive hose assembly joint

In the process of using the hose, the hose of the hose sometimes encounters oil leakage in the joint position,

and most of them is caused by the aging of the sealing ring. First, take a picture of the leakage location,

then remove the rubber hose assembly, replace the new sealing circle, reinstall, and observe whether there is still leakage.

If there is still a leakage problem, you need to remove all the rubber pipe assembly and contact the supply supply. Business processing.

6. The guns caused by the connection of oil roads and air roads

The typical phenomenon of “guns and words” caused by oil roads and air road connectivity is the irregular amount of “walking” and continuously growing.

As long as the main valve of the oil gun is not opened, the “word” will continue slowly. If the amount of oil is too large, the vacuum pump will be burned due to the fuel entry into the vacuum pump.

After the gun is lifted, the display is continuously running. It can be judged to be connected to oil and gas recovery air roads and oil circuits.

The solution is as follows:

(1) Make a countermeasure with the oil-based gum hose to determine the fault point.

(2) Do not pull or drag in daily use of the rubber pipe to prevent the sealing ring of the sealing ring at both ends of the inner end of the inner gum pipe of the coals of the collet hose of the oil gas recovery,

causing the oil road and the air road to be the same, and the oil is sucking.

(3) After the glue hose is used, put it away and put it on the hook of the rubber hose to prevent the vehicle from crushing,

causing the inner air back pipe to be damaged, which in turn causes the oil road and the air road, and the oil to be sucked upside down.

(4) When the oil and gas recycling hose is put away and used, do not kill the knot or turn the corners to avoid the fracture of the gas pipe,

resulting in the connection of the oil road and the air road, and the oil is sucking.

(5) If the failure is the aging or damage of the shaped circle of the pull-off valve (dropper),

please replace the  -shaped circle of the same brand. If the pulling valve is damaged, please replace the same brand pull-off valve.

(6) If the failure is stringing the internal oil road and air road, please change the same brand oil gun.

(7) If the failure is a single window to recycle the oil and gas recycling oil device failure, please replace it.

7. The amount of oil caused by the infiltration and volatilization of gasoline through the pipeline causes the gun and the word lift

The fuel liquid molecules that exist in the rubber pipe can spread from one side of the hose wall to the other side. This phenomenon is called penetration or osmosis.

In the case of long-term hanging guns without refueling, they will volatilize into the atmosphere due to the infiltration of fuel through the hose wall,

causing the fuel in the rubber pipe to lack, thereby the next time the refueling phenomenon occurs.

The losses caused by the infiltration and volatilization of gasoline through the pipeline,

the “gun-lifting word” solution caused by the amount of oil caused by the pipeline is as follows:

(1) Use a zero-pollution-type fuel dispenser hose to replace the ordinary conventional rubber hose.

Zero -polluting the inner wall of the rubber hose is lined with fluorine plastic. Because of the existence of the obstructing layer, almost zero penetration can greatly reduce the occurrence of “guns and words”.

(2) The refueling guns that are not used for a long time (more than 4 hours) need to be emptied before being re-enabled until the empty gun is not jumped.

(3) During the shutdown, the oil pump is raised intermittently to ensure that the oil circuit and the flowmeter are full of fuel.

8. The swelling of the hose caused by the changes in the volume of the pipeline caused the gun to take away

The hose rubber hose is a rubber product. When the gun is refueling and the oil gun is not opened, the rubber hose is squeezed by the oil,

and the volume is prone to expansion, which causes an internal volume to become larger.

Generally, the glue hose of the factory hose is 4.5 meters. The total expansion of the rubber hose of this length will not cause a word failure within the license range.

If artificially increases the length of the fuel dispenser hose, the total expansion of the rubber hose will exceed the design value.

At this time, the measuring converter will turn some angles, and the encoder emits the corresponding pulse to cause a word failure.

In addition, if the quality of the fuel dispenser hose is unqualified, the volume expansion rate is greater than 2%,

especially when the temperature is high in hot summer, it is more prone to a word failure.

The typical feature of “guns and walking words” caused by the hose too-long and unqualified rubber hose is that it will jump to a certain number and not all the time. The solution is as follows:

(1) Replace the quality of the quality.

(2) Buy the original formal rubber hose from the manufacturer.

(3) During daily use, do not extend the length of the glue hose at will (in principle not more than 6 meters). Theoretically, the longer the glue hose, the larger the volume of its expansion.

The tubing hose is an easy-to-prone part of the hose machine, but as long as it pays attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the rubber pipe in the daily use process,

it can greatly extend the service life of the rubber hose.

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