Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

1. What is self bunded fuel tanks

The self-bunded fuel tank is a ground mobile gas station that integrates oil storage tanks, fuel dispensers, retail management systems, and video surveillance.

It is a complete gas station built in a self bunded skid for selling fuel to vehicles and machines,

it has the characteristics of being fire-proof and explosion-proof, safety and environmental protection, small footprint, and easy migration.

Bluesky self bunded fuel tanks

2. What are the characteristics and advantages of self bunded fuel tanks?

self bunded fuel tanks are a really good solution compared to the traditional gas station because it is convenient, low-cost, non-construction needed, self-supported, movable, and flexible.

Only a small site, you can build a gas station by yourself,

and it can be installed on a truck and moved to where you want to go at any time. It solves the problem of refueling in the last kilometer.

However, its biggest advantage is to help customers save costs.

For example, a transportation and logistics company operates 20 vehicles. They travel to and from all parts of the country every day. Each vehicle needs to refuel 200L per day. Then a company needs to consume 4000L of fuel a day and 120,000L a month. Comparing the gas station and the fuel market wholesale price, the difference is roughly US$0.3 per liter (Chinese experience).

If you run a self bunded fuel tank on your own, you can save US$1,200 per day, US$36,000 per month, and US$36,000 per year. Save 432,000 USD. If your company runs 100 or even 200 vehicles, you can save a lot of money.

Logistics company self bunded fuel tanks

3. What can BLUESKY do for you?

BlueSky can provide different solutions of self bunded fuel tanks according to the different needs of customers. For example, for logistics and transportation companies, we can provide self bunded fuel tanks with an RFID identification system, it only provides services to vehicles operated by its own company and uploads transaction data.

In places such as villages and mountainous areas, we can provide simple self bunded fuel tanks, it has a basic refueling system, which is convenient for transportation, transfer, and settlement.

For operating parking lots, docks, or commercial places developed for the public, we can provide self bunded fuel tanks with IC card retail systems, it allows customers to store value for self-service refueling through the cards. We also support customized services, such as offices, mini shops, solar systems, etc. As long as you have needs, we can do our best to help achieve them.

Zambia self bunded fuel tanks

4. Our success story

Once our products self bunded fuel tanks came out, they are widely loved by major customers,

and now they have been exported all over the world, such as Meru group in Zambia, Puma energy in Papua New Guinea,

Oxyfuel in MexicoPacific energy in Fiji, South pacific oil in the Solomon Islands, Leonco oil in Sierra Leone, and so on. We welcome you from all over the world to discuss and cooperate with us.

Puma energy in Papua New Guinea

5. FAQ

1. What are the model options for self bunded fuel tanks?

The conventional models are 20ft-16000L and 40ft-40000L, support single oil products and double oil products, and customized models.

2. Can I add my company logo and choose the painting color?

Yes, this is a free service.

3. What is the minimum order quantity for our self bunded fuel tanks?

1Piece, we have no restrictions on this. It is our honor for customers to place orders for us.

4. What is the delivery time of self bunded fuel tanks?

Usually, 30 days, if it is a custom-made model, it needs to be extended by 5-10 days.

If the purchased quantity is more than 5, it also needs to be extended by 5-10 days

5. How is it transported?

We transport by conventional sea containers. If the volume is too large, it needs to be transported by frame box or bulk carrier.

6. What is our warranty period?

Usually, our warranty period is one year, but we can revise it according to the quantity or terms of the contract.

7. If the warranty period expires, do we still provide services?

Yes, we will continue to provide services, including online guidance and repair parts services.

8. What are the payment methods we support?

We support T/T bank transfers, WeChat, Alipay, credit cards and letters of credit, etc.

9. How to become our distributor/dealer?

If you have a large purchase quantity and buy regularly, you can become our distributor, and we will also provide you with better prices to help you develop the market.

10. If I encounter difficulties during the installation process, will your engineers come to help us on-site?

We provide online service and door-to-door service. If the online service cannot solve the problem,

our engineer will come to guide you, but the round-trip expenses, including board and lodging, must be paid by you.

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