Self-service Adblue Dispenser in Bluesky

Self-service Adblue Dispenser at a gas station.

Exhaust emissions from trucks contain a variety of harmful substances, which are potentially harmful to the environment and human health and may cause health and environmental problems such as air pollution,

smog, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. So the country has adopted a series of strict exhaust emission standards and regulations to control vehicle exhaust emissions,

improve air quality, and protect the environment and public health.

In order to meet the requirements of exhaust gas purification, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, and protect the environment and air quality,

urea SCR technology is a common method for emission control of modern diesel engines, especially for meeting strict emission regulations.

The working principle of urea SCR technology is to introduce urea solution into the exhaust gas treatment system.

When a diesel engine burns fuel,  it produces harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides.

These gases enter the exhaust gas treatment system and react with the urea solution under the action of the catalyst.

This process converts nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

So how to add urea in general, you can usually add urea at gas stations, logistics centers, and Self-service Adblue Dispenser stations.

Adblue dsipenser with 1M3 PVC storage tank

Self-service Adblue Dispenser has multiple advantages

When used in commercial and industrial environments, it can provide convenient, economical, and efficient service.

Car owners can add urea at any time according to their needs, saving time and energy.

The Self-service Adblue Dispenser can help reduce operating costs because owners can do it themselves without paying for additional service.

So, what is the filling process of the Self-service Adblue Dispenser produced by our company?

1. The car owner will park the vehicle at a suitable Self-service Adblue Dispenser location, then open the urea inlet of the vehicle,

and then use the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the body of the Self-service Adblue Dispenser. After scanning the code,

the mobile phone will Jump to the payment web page, the site name and gun number will be displayed at the top of the page,

and the clickable amount and input box will be displayed in the middle of the page. After confirming the amount,

the payment can be made. After payment, the refill opportunity will display the paid amount.

2. The car owner can remove the filling gun from the gun rack, insert it into the urea inlet of the vehicle,  and then start adding.

When the preset amount is reached, the Adblue Dispenser will automatically stop supplying urea.

If you need to stop during the adding process, you can also stop the adding manually.

After the owner completes the filling, insert the filling gun back into the gun rack and close the urea inlet of the vehicle.

If the paid amount is not consumed, an automatic refund will be made in the background.

After confirming that the addition is complete, the owner can leave.

Adblue Dispenser

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