Skid Mounted Fuel Tank

Today, Bluesky will introduce you to a “mini portable, safe and environmentally friendly” gas station – a skid-mounted gas station. Although it is small, it has all five internal organs.

skid mounted fuel tank are not equivalent to traditional gas stations. In China, skid mounted fuel tank are limited to internal use by enterprises and cannot be operated externally.

The difference between skid-mounted refueling devices and buried tanks is that they have significant advantages in safety and environmental protection.

Mini Gas Station

Development Status of Skid Installation Industry

The full name of skid mounted fuel tank is a barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device, which is a new type of oil supply facility between fixed gas stations and mobile tank trucks.

According to the “Analysis Report on the Development Status and Prospects of China’s Gas Station Industry”, by 2021, China’s demand for energy will still be increasing without decreasing.

The low operating cost, safety, and environmental protection of skid-mounted gas stations pose a qualitative challenge to traditional gas stations.

Skid mounted fuel tanks, like traditional gas stations, both operate refined oil and belong to high-risk flammable, and explosive industries. The obvious difference between the two is that traditional gas stations are based on real estate, cannot be moved, and have high construction costs.

Skid mounted fuel tanks are mobile, are aboveground tanks, and have a much lower construction cost than traditional gas stations.

LPG skid mass flow meters
LPG Skid mounted fuel tanks

Reduced market share of traditional gas stations

Skid mounted fuel tank have the advantages of short station construction time, small floor space, safety, explosion protection, and high return on investment. Currently, they can be built in logistics parks, ports, large and small driving schools, bus stations, passenger stations, and other places where vehicles are concentrated and numerous.

The traditional service station operation method is relatively popular. Assuming that most of our enterprises have built skid-mounted stations, the turnover of the unified service station will be affected to some extent, and its market share will definitely decrease.

mobile gas station
Bluesky container station

Lower oil prices at skid mounted fuel tank

On the premise of the same formal oil products, another important advantage is that the oil price of skid-mounted gas stations is lower than that of traditional gas stations. Especially when enterprises establish skid-mounted stations to use oil, they can directly wholesale the finished oil from qualified suppliers. Enterprises can control the source of oil products themselves and achieve the use of oil at wholesale prices.

When the oil price is lowered, it can also store oil products promptly, which effectively saves oil costs for enterprises.

Smaller volume of skid mounted fuel tank

Due to its small size, the skid mounted station can be relocated at any time according to the needs of enterprise development, such as relocation. The equipment will not be damaged after migration.

mobile fuel tank

Finally, if the enterprise has a large vehicle volume or fuel consumption, it can return its capital or even turn into a profit in the short term.

There are many advantages of skid-mounted gas stations. Firstly, building skid-mounted gas stations inside the enterprise and using high-quality oil at wholesale prices will inevitably reduce costs and increase efficiency for the enterprise.

In addition, the skid-mounted oil storage equipment is also equipped with an IC card function to facilitate enterprises to monitor the refueling situation of each vehicle at any time. Moreover, during the transformation of traditional gas stations, using skid-mounted gas stations ensures the normal operation of revenue on the one hand, and also ensures that users do not lose.

In summary, the emergence of skid-mounted gas stations has a certain impact on promoting economic development, especially the development of enterprises. As for whether it will impact traditional gas stations, it can only be said that everyone has different views, and there is no specific conclusion at present.

Choose a skid-mounted gas station, please identify Bluesky!

mobile gas station workshop
Bluesky mobile gas station workshop

The quality of Bluesky products meets various standards. Good after-sales service, more professional and focused.

Bluesky actively explores the construction of skid-mounted gas stations, improves the safety and environmental performance of skid-mounted infrastructure equipment, and continuously accumulates experience to further lay a solid foundation for optimizing network layout and enhancing market share.

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