Small Fuel Station in the Philippines

Recently, small fuel stations or mini gas stations are hot selling all over the world.

However, our Bluesky mini gas stations are also sold to many countries, and the Philippines is the most sold. Many customers want to start their own business,

are looking for the best quality mini gas station, and have many questions,

the following are frequently asked questions from customers, I hope it can help you

1. How do I start a small fuel station?

In the Philippines, if we want to start our business, set up a small fuel station. First, we need to comply with all the requirements of the local government department, second, apply for a COC to the Ministry of Energy, and then we can start our business.

mini gas station

2. Bluesky Mini gas station design?

Bluesky mini fuel stations have many designs, we provide customers 600L,1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 4000L, and more than 4000L. The best selling is 2000L and 3000L. We also provide customized services for customers, Bluesky can make mini gas stations for you according to your requirements.

For example, we can print your brand on the door, or spray your favorite color on the mini gas station,

and we can also provide you with high-quality oil stickers and other stickers. you can message us now, send us your logo and we can design it for you for free.

mini fuel

3. Small fuel station price and After-sales service?

Regarding the price, we offer our customers the cheapest price and the best quality. If you want to know the specific price and more information,

please enter our Alibaba store to check, Small Fuel Station.

Regarding after-sales service, you don’t need to worry, because we offer a 1-year warranty to customers, Within one year, if any parts are damaged, please contact us,

and we will provide you with spare parts for free, and we will send them to you by air so that you can quickly replace it.

In addition to this, We will also advise customers to buy some spare parts as stock, when the parts are damaged, so they can replace the damaged parts immediately.

We also have a professional after-sales service team that provides 24-hour online technical guidance. Once you need help, our technicians will serve you immediately.

In addition, customers can also send us more pictures and videos, and our technicians will provide you with the perfect solution based on the photos and videos you provide.

6 nozzle mini fuel station

4. Why select Bluesky’s small fuel station?

Bluesky has more experience to produce small fuel stations and station management systems. It has exported more than 5000 sets of mini fuel stations to Africa and America, and over 2000 stations are using Bluesky’s management system.

The small fuel station is configured with EX 220V motor and pump, with piston flow meter and solenoid valve,

you can present by the liter or by money, also the head office can control the fuel dispenser out of service. And inside have a communication board to send all the real-time sales records and tank gauging to the head office.

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