Smart Card Payment System in Gas Station

Why do we choose the smart card payment system?

1. For gas station companies, cash flow is the most important thing.

You can let your clients do the deposit operation to keep your cash flow abundant by using the smart card payment system(which we also called as IC card system).

So that the gas station companies can have enough funds to build the next gas station.

2. For the oil companies(like Total and Shell), the most important thing is to prevent nominal gas stations from using oil from other suppliers.

The oil companies can monitor and calculate whether the nominal gas stations use oil from oil companies through the background data by using our smart card payment system.

3. For the gas station owners, you can provide recharge discounts to attract clients to do the deposit operation through our system,

and make customers prefer to choose your gas station for refueling.

smart card payment system

4. BlueSky smart card payment system can also provide logistics companies with designated vehicle refueling functions to prevent drivers from stealing fuel.

The identified vehicle cannot be modified through the attached RFID (Radio FrequSmart Card Payment Systemency Identification) function of the system so that the logistics company can calculate mileage and fuel consumption.

RFID card

What can we achieve with the BlueSky smart card payment system

1. Can provide all basic data used for running the gas stations. Such as Daily reports, Shift reports, Monthly reports, Business reports,

Transaction records, Oil tank information, Fuel dispenser information, Unit price modification, and so on.

You can better operate your gas stations based on the data from the smart card payment system.

2. This can prevent employees from stealing fuel because employees also need to use the employee card to operate when the refueling vehicles and the sales will be directly recorded on the employee card.

That the cashier can directly check the amount of cash and employee card when the employee is handing over the shift.

3. Experienced drivers with smart payment cards can complete the refueling operation by themselves,

without the need for staff to check-in. So that the smart card system can also reduce the employment situation when the gas station is busy.

4. Can be set up to provide clients with preferential discounts, and attract clients to store value. The owner of gas stations can regularly launch attractive recharge activities to expand his client base.

Additional functions of Bluesky smart card payment system

1. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)system is one of BlueSky’s smart card payment system’s additional functions.

We will provide a special customized key sticker(which we called an RFID TAG) for drivers which will be arranged on the fuel tank cap of the vehicles.

This sticker has a similar function as the smart card. But it will be damaged and unusable once it is torn off.

This function is helpful for the transportation company to manage their vehicles.

It can also be used by individual users to avoid the problem of forgetting to carry their smart cards and being unable to refuel.

smart card payment system

2. The 4G wireless module function. This additional function of the BlueSky smart card payment system is specially designed for our container fuel stations and mini skids clients.

We can add a 4G wireless module to the fuel dispensers of the container gas station(also the refueling part of the mini skids). The data will be uploaded to the cloud directly,

and the gas station owners can check the data through our management system website. With this additional function,

you can also use our management system without the station-level system and equipment(such as a computer, junction box, and communication box).

3. APP system. Bluesky’s smart card payment system can also be viewed by a smart mobile phone.

The owners of gas stations just need to download the BlueSky Gas station mobile phone management system APP and log in with their smart card system account. He will be able to check the data via our smart card payment APP.

It is necessary to ensure that the smart card system of the gas station is connected to the network and uploads data to realize this function.

APP smart card payment system

  1. A station-level intelligent control system can be also added to our smart card payment system.

self bunded fuel tanks

Combining the content of the above article,

the BlueSky Smart Card Payment system can bring to the clients includes but is not limited to:

  1. Abundant cash flow. That can be able to build the new stations.
  2. Monitor the supplier line of the gas station. That prevents nominal gas stations from using oil from other suppliers.
  3. Expanding the client base of the gas stations.
  4. The basic data report of the gas station.
  5. And the other additional function.

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