Smart Fuel Dispensers Fast Payment

With the increasing popularity of smart fuel dispensers year by year,

queuing up to pay in the business hall has gradually become a thing of the past.

A few taps on the mobile phone or swiping their face to complete the payment has become a payment method that many car owners are accustomed to.

With the gradual development and solidification of car owners’ payment habits,

providing fast payment methods will be the standard service of gas stations, and this trend is irresistible.

What’s the Fast Payment?

The whole process of refueling does not need to get out of the car and does not use cash to pay. Online mobile payment, face payment, license plate payment, etc. are used for payment.

The payment process eliminates the trouble of queuing, greatly reduces the total time of a single customer’s refueling process,

and improves the operation efficiency of gas stations, thereby giving each customer a better refueling experience.

smart fuel dispensers

Fast Payment Method

Quick Refueling

The traditional refueling settlement process requires customers to contact the fueler when using cash,

and also need to go to the business hall when using mobile payment.
In sites that have selected smart fuel dispensers, the owner’s refueling information can be displayed on the smart gas dispenser in real-time,

and payment can be made by face payment, online payment, license plate payment, etc. after refueling.

smart fuel dispenser function interface

Fast shopping

Customers do not need to go to the business hall to select goods and settle at the cashier. They can shop and settle through the mobile phone program or on the smart fuel dispenser.

The goods are directly prepared by the fueler and put into the trunk of the customer’s vehicle, avoiding the need for personnel Close Contact.
The Bluesky PLUS all-in-one machine under Wenzhou BlueSky supports the purchase of non-oil products by brushing your face. You do not need to go to the business hall.

You can complete the shopping process in an instant and calmly within the time of adding a tank of oil, which is fast and safe.

smart fuel dispenser with shopping system

Smart fuel dispensers are a popular trend

In a smart gas station, customers do not need to be in close contact with the gas staff from entering the station to refueling to leaving, or even in the process of shopping and billing.

The most important thing is that the smart gas station can bring customers a more convenient refueling experience,

the whole refueling process is more time-saving, and there is no need to take out the mobile phone during the refueling process.

Settlement within the account, so that the customer’s consumption experience is better,

and the operation efficiency of the gas station is higher.
Multimedia smart fuel dispensers all support a variety of fast payment channels,

which can greatly improve the efficiency of the operation of gas stations! For traditional fuel dispensers,

you can replace the original metal keyboard with a 5.8-inch intelligent interactive terminal to quickly realize quick payment!

After a little analysis, we can find that fast payment at gas stations is an indispensable part of smart gas stations. After all, a faster, more worry-free, and safer gas station is what every customer wants. This is the general trend.

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