Smart Gas Filling Station

With the continuous stunning debut of the new gas filling station and building diversity, Intelligent gas filling stations have become the mainstream development trend, compared to the ordinary gas  filling stations,
The smart gas filling station can give customers a “sense of luxury”. Among them, the large-screen fuel dispenser has become the standard configuration of smart gas filling stations.

bluesky fuel dispenser

Fuel dispenser with a big screen.

Beautiful appearance and rich colors.

Petrol stations can be based on their own characteristics.

Choose a brand-customized fuel dispenser.

The brand name and brand logo of the gas station can be printed on the fuselage.

played a role in promoting the brand.

At the same time, it blends with the surrounding environment to increase its beauty.

Automatic fuel dispenser

Large-screen dispenser makes the gas filling station more advanced

Bluesky multimedia smart fuel dispenser has a 32-inch/15-inch high-definition touch screen,
Make the gas station look gorgeous
It supports playing advertising videos, pictures, and other information and supports face payment, visual voice intercom, and other functions. It can make good use of the intelligent advantages of fuel dispensers to save time for car owners,

and then help gas stations enhance their brand influence.

smart fuel dispensers

Realize Internet+multiple payment

The Internet function of the smart pump is a networked information terminal based on big data. Can be combined with mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, and other information and communication technologies, Help gas stations conduct user analysis.
Get Key Metric Data, Conducive to precise operation and precise marketing.
To provide customers with innovative and personalized services, To attract new customers, maintain old customers, and improve the overall operating effectiveness of the gas fueling stations.
Based on the realization of Internet functions, Richer payment methods, Human-Computer Interaction, Support multiple payment methods, It supports license plate payment, facial recognition payment, and mobile payment. You don’t have to wait for the refueling staff, and you don’t have to wait in line in the business hall. You can leave the station after paying by yourself.

Automatic fuel dispenser

Wisdom from the inside out

more convenient operation
The large screen of the fuel dispenser displays the operation prompt information and transaction status of the oil machine in real time.

【Advertising video playback function】

It is also a good income to cooperate with other merchants to place advertisements. Synchronous display of video and pictures, multiple advertising spaces, increase sales of oil products and non-oil products at petrol stations.

【Increase sales of non-oil products】

Put discount activities and product information on the large screen of the fuel dispenser, and scroll and play it, so that customers who come to refuel can see it for the first time, without occupying the public area near the fuel pump.

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