Smart Solutions: Exploring RFID-Enabled Mini Gas Stations

This article mainly introduces the RFID management system. Let’s learn about this system together.

Wenzhou Blue Sky Energy is China’s leading automated gas station equipment manufacturer. The company was founded in 1997 and has over 25 years of experience and over 1000 installation locations.
We produce a wide range of equipment and software for different configurations of gas stations and oil depots in countries worldwide.

Mini Gas Stations

The Joyfueling Smart Management System is a self-developed system for gas station management systems. Connect a series of oil dispensers, oil products, and other equipment tanks and office computers through communication boxes to achieve data sharing and intelligent gas station management.
It supports the following different brands of fuel dispensers and can establish communication protocols with multiple individuals. It plays a huge role in building new gas stations or upgrading old gas stations.

RFID management system

The RFID management system is a payment management system based on the Joyfueling Smart Management System. Composed of an RFID keyboard, RFID reader, RFID card, etc., it supports customers in achieving their payment management aims through the latest technology and high-quality technical support. Whether it is in the operation of gas stations or the fleet management of construction and transportation companies, it plays a huge role.

System hardware
System hardware

Mainly including the Rs485 communication interface, Interface for downloading logs, Rs232 to USB connection computer interface,4G module antenna, GPS module antenna, and Power supply.

The connection between the RFID Keyboard and the Communication Box
The connection between the RFID Keyboard and the Communication Box

Connect the RS485 communication port on the RFID keyboard to the RS485 communication interface of the communication box directly through the RS485 communication cable.

Real-time nozzle interface
Real-time nozzle interface
Real-time RFID interface
Real-time RFID interface

App and web page

App and web page


1. Benefits for Government

  • Update transactions across the site to my cloud and monitor sales and inventory across the site
  • Analyze and summarize station income status to prevent tax evasion and evasion
  • The tax control system issues standard invoices to gas stations through the Internet
  • The government can control unit prices at gas stations
  • API support and open-source applications compatible with various operating systems

2. Benefits for Gas Station Owner

  • Speed up service and completely or partially eliminate fuel attendants
  • Increased sales and profits as each fuel can be operated and controlled 24/7 trade
  •  More payment options for your drivers: cashless and maintain various bank cards
  • Print receipts to provide correct reports to station management and government servers
  •  Avoid leaks and theft
  • Compatible with different operating methods: frontcourt or indoor operation Control room by the cashier, fully self-service or partially staffed with fueling
  • Gas station operation data can be viewed in real-time on computers and mobile phones, such as Oil tank level, oil sales, total sales, etc.

3. Benefits for Customer

  • Contactless and safe refueling, no need to interact with the refueler
  • You can get fuel whenever you want as gas stations operate 24/7
  • Pay using different payment methods including NFC contactless, bank cards Smart card readers, etc.
  • Receipt printing

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