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Nowadays, many fleet company or governments have fixed fleets, and some even have hundreds of vehicles. With so many vehicles, it can sometimes be difficult to manage.

For example, I met a customer whose company has more than 500 trucks and uses millions worth of fuel every month.

But because there are too many vehicles, there is no way to comprehensively manage them. This has led to some fuel theft. Some drivers will secretly add fuel to their barrels and then sell them, which has caused huge losses to the company.

And even if oil theft occurs, it is impossible to find out which driver specifically stole the oil. It is also impossible for the company to send people to record the fuel consumption of each driver every day. Such labor costs are too high.

Therefore, to solve problems for these customers, our company has developed RFID tankers and provides them to enterprises and governments with internal fleets.

RFID fuel dispenser

The current functions of our RFID fuel dispenser are as follows:

1. RFID cards and tags store information such as license plate number, driver name, mobile phone number, email, home address, birthday, card number, card balance, etc., and can record the refueling status of each driver.

2. RFID technology is non-contact and fast identification

3. Automatically identify and enter information to replace manual entry and reduce labor costs.

4. The user corresponds to the card and can track the user’s usage, such as the driver’s driving mileage and the number of liters of fuel. From this, it can be judged whether the fuel is used normally based on the comparison of mileage and fuel volume.

5. Data storage has strong confidentiality and security to prevent human tampering and prevent oil theft.

At the same time, RFID fuel dispensers currently have two usage modes:

Using RFID card
Using RFID card

Each driver is assigned an RFID card. The RFID card registers the license plate number, driver’s name, mobile phone number, email, home address, birthday, card number, card balance, and other information.

Through the contact between the RFID card and the RFID keyboard, the system will identify the user’s information and start refueling. It can realize self-service refueling, record each refueling transaction record, and automatically produce year, month, and daily reports so that each user’s fuel consumption situation is clear at a glance.

Using RFID tags
Using RFID tags

An RFID reader is installed on the oil gun, and an RFID tag is attached to the vehicle’s fuel port. When the RFID reader is close to the RFID tag, it will automatically read the data and then refuel. And compared with cards, it is more targeted. Drivers can use cards to refuel other vehicles, but tags can only refuel one vehicle.

The RFID tag will become ineffective once it is torn off and cannot be used to refuel other vehicles. Therefore, oil leakage can be eliminated to a large extent, drivers can be prevented from stealing oil, and the level of oil management can be improved.

In the future, Bluesky company will continue to develop and add more functions, such as binding the RFID card to the customer’s work ID. Drivers can use one card to check in at work and refuel, which is more convenient.

There are more functions, such as limiting the usage time of the user’s card, limiting the amount of refueling, etc. Different permissions can be given according to the company management registration.

The trend of future fuel dispensers is smart.  If you too would like to make it easier to manage your fleet company vehicles, please contact us.

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