Submersible Pump Fuel Dispenser And Self-Priming Pump Fuel Dispenser

What is the difference between a submersible pump fuel dispenser and a self-priming pump fuel dispenser? Let’s elaborate on their characteristics and advantages below.

Self-priming fuel dispensers

bluesky fuel dispenser

At gas stations, what we often see is a self-priming pump fuel dispenser. The self-priming pump is inside the fuel dispenser, and when the fuel dispenser starts refueling, it immediately emits the sound of the motor and pump rotating.

Each fuel dispenser pump has an independent oil pipeline leading to the oil tank.

Fuel Dispenser pump

The structure of the self-priming pump fuel dispenser is complex, and there are more faults compared to the submersible pump. Due to the negative pressure state in the pipeline, it is easy to generate oil and gas to form gas resistance.

When the fuel dispenser is running, the oil flow in the pipeline between the oil tank and the oil pump is negative pressure suction, and the oil flow between the oil pump and the oil gun is positive pressure oil delivery.

Submersible pump fuel dispenser

submersible pump fuel dispenser
Bluesky submersible pump fuel dispenser production line

The submersible pump is installed inside the oil storage tank for the common use of the fuel dispensers connected to the tank. When refueling, no sound can be heard, and the pipeline is connected to the fuel dispenser through the trunk line at the tank outlet.

Submersible pump
Submersible pump
Telescopic magnetic probe
Telescopic magnetic probe

The submersible pump is located inside the oil tank, and when the fuel dispenser is running, the oil flow in the entire pipeline from the oil tank to the flow meter and oil gun is under positive pressure.

The internal structure of the submersible pump refueling machine is simple, and the failure rate is very low. However, the submersible pump placed in the storage tank will not fail for more than 10 years.

The pipeline route is also relatively simple, but due to the positive pressure inside the pipeline, the sealing requirements for the pipeline are high. If the pipeline ruptures, a large amount of oil will be sprayed out.

Of course, the submersible pump system also has corresponding preventive measures. The power distribution of the submersible pump is more complex. Submersible pumps are more widely recognized than self-priming pumps.

Comparison between self-priming pump fuel dispenser and submersible pump fuel dispenser

1. Scope of adaptation

The submersible pump refueling machine adopts a positive pressure oil supply, which is very suitable for lead-free gasoline, high octane number, and additive environments. It has a greater tolerance for temperature and poster height, eliminates air resistance, and solves the problem of difficult oil extraction in abnormal pipelines.

Under the same conditions, self-priming pump fuel dispensers are more prone to air blockage.

2. One pump with multiple fuel nozzle

One main oil pipe of the submersible oil pump fuel dispenser can deliver multiple branch oil pipes, achieving “one pump, multiple dispensers (Fuel Nozzles)”

Each refueling gun of the self-priming pump fuel dispenser must be equipped with a corresponding motor, a pump, and a separate oil pipeline.

3. Lift

The maximum distance from the lead of the submersible pump fuel dispenser to the oil tank of the fuel dispenser is generally 150-200 meters,

The self-priming pump fuel dispenser is generally 50 meters long.

4. Convenient gas station layout design

The submersible pump is installed inside the oil tank, reducing the number of components in the fuel dispenser and making the installation design more flexible.

Self-priming pumps have many limitations on the size and installation design of fuel dispensers.

Bluesky fuel dispenser
Bluesky fuel dispenser exhibition hall

Compared with self-priming fuel dispensers, submersible pump fuel dispensers have advantages such as low noise, smooth operation, reliable quality, and low failure rate.

It is precisely because of its many advantages that submersible pump fuel dispensers have become the direction of choice for many gas stations in the future, and are also the preferred model for large gas stations and gas stations in densely populated urban areas.

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