summer thunderstorms, what preparations do gas stations need to make

Summer is the season of frequent thunderstorms, because of the particularity and importance of gas stations, It highlights the importance of lightning protection work at gas stations.

Mastering the characteristics and hazards of natural disasters, formulating natural disaster prevention plans for gas stations,

and reasonable and effective disaster prevention measures have very important practical significance and role.

1. Check all equipment and lines of the gas station on time

when the rainy season comes, It is necessary to check the fuel dispenser, power distribution cabinet, generator, lighting line,

and other equipment and lines in time, and make sure that the houses of these facilities are watertight, try to avoid wiring with connectors,

precautions should be taken in case of water leakage in the roof of the house, in case of short circuits.

If it is found that the fuel dispenser has been exposed to rainwater, take timely measures to shelter from rain; For lines with joints, the joints need to be treated with waterproof tape.

Check all equipment and lines of the gas station in time

2. Responses to Gas Stations with Different Geography

Some gas stations choose to build in low-lying places, when building a new gas station, an observation well must be left, to observe the groundwater level,

if the groundwater level is too high, the oil tank may be flooded or floated, in addition to measuring and measuring water every day according to regulations,

it is also very important to measure water every time after rain, when the water level in the oil tank reaches the warning position, it must be drained in time.

3. How to carry out lightning protection work in gas stations

Perform potential connection treatment on iron railings, anti-theft doors, notice boards, etc. of built gas stations,

newly built gas stations install iron equipment directly in accordance with equipotential connection standards. The gas station staff should follow the lightning forecast and warning information provided by the meteorological department in real-time,

When thunderstorms come, focus on lightning protection operations.

Lightning detection

4. Daily protective measures during thunderstorm season

01. When building a station, do a good job of burying the grounding protection net, Each oil tank, oil discharge port,

gas station canopy, power distribution cabinet, generator, fuel dispenser, computer transmission network cable, etc. must be electrostatically grounded,

And electrostatic grounding should be connected in parallel; high-rise buildings and sheds should be equipped with lightning rods.

02. Before the rainy season comes every year, do a good job of static electricity test and lightning protection test,

Not less than 2 times a year; all pipeline flanges within 4 screws must be bridged,

the electrostatic test results must meet the national standards, and rectification should be made in time if they fail to meet the requirements.

03. Try not to unload oil during lightning, every time when unloading oil,

the tanker must be well unloaded and electrostatically grounded, a safe distance of 1.5m should be maintained between the electrostatic grounding pile and the oil discharge port for oil discharge, before unloading oil,

do a good job of checking the electrostatic grounding electronic device,

see if the alarms are called, and prepare asbestos quilts, fire extinguishers, etc. to prevent accidents.

new Fuel Dispenser

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