Tax control system for gas stations in China

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Tax control system for gas stations in China.

When the riders fill up their gas daily, will they suspect that the oil is stolen when filling up?

After all, oil prices are not cheap.

A penny is blood money! In order to prevent illegal operators from cheating on the fuel tanker,

the illegal cheating behavior should be eliminated from the source.

Tax-controlled refueling machine with tax monitoring system, and the tax bureau system network,

tax declaration, which is also the gas station must use, non-tax refueling machine removed the tax system components,

just refueling count, can not be connected with the tax system, is generally used for the mine fleet of these individual units.

Because some gas stations have illegal means such as tax evasion or false billing to make profits,

which has destroyed the fair market competition environment, the state has vigorously promoted the listing of the gas station tax control system.

Gas station intelligent tax control system promotion, those “crooked” gas stations will have no place to hide.

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1. Falsely reporting and concealing sales income

Some gas stations have imperfect financial systems, weak awareness of the tax legal system, and irregular use of invoices.

Very few gas stations even use personal accounts to collect business funds, falsely report sales income,

modify tax declaration data, and fail to declare or under-declare.

2. Tax evasion by changing tickets

Some enterprises take the way of selling without tickets, through ticket change, ticket change, ticket change,

and other means to avoid the consumption tax on refined oil products and transfer it to some social gas stations in the way of low prices.

There are a lot of cash transactions in gas stations, and a few of them hide sales income to evade VAT by not issuing tickets or under-issuing tickets.

3. The use of old tax control devices

The old type of tax-controlled refueling machine is a single offline mode,

which has the disadvantages of backward technical conditions and high data collection costs.

Due to the day and night operation of gas stations, wide distribution, many ways of purchase, and large customer flow,

the number of refueling machines is often inconsistent with the number of declarations, and the actual inventory and account table are difficult to verify.

4. Did not sell oil through the tanker

After purchasing refined oil, gas stations directly sell small gas stations, factories, fleets,

motorcycles, taxis, and other individual consumers, and even some stations directly connect the oil nozzle to the oil tank without refueling through the refueling machine.

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And all kinds of cheating. This phenomenon will become more and more high-tech with the development of society because it is very necessary for tax-controlled refueling machines to have tax monitoring systems.

In order to ensure the accuracy, safety, and reliability of the data recorded by gas station refueling machines,

the State Administration of Taxation and the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision decided to install tax control devices for existing gas station refueling machines in China and organize the production and use of tax control refueling machines.

At present, the tanker tax control system still needs to be updated and iterated,

and we have noticed that after the installation of the tax control cloud platform system in Hebei, China, tanker 147 appeared to emit black smoke 6882.

At present, there are explosion-proof certified tax control devices on the market,

which means that the legal compliance of the equipment is more standardized.

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