Mini Gas Stations VS mobile Container Fuel Stations

The difference between Mini Gas Stations and mobile container fuel stations:

Mini Gas Station:
  • The specifications are between 600L and 10000L, with a small size, compact structure, high flexibility, and easy to move;
  • Usually contains Controller, EX JUNCTION BOX, Pump, Motor, Nozzle, Flowmeter, Small Tank;
  • It is suitable for 1/2/3 of the oil products, with two models of Laying and Standard for customers to choose from;
  • The cost is very low, suitable for personal users with a limited budget.

Mini gas station configuration

Container fuel station:
  • The specifications are between 10000L and 60000L, the volume is the same as the standard container, and the transportation is convenient;
  • In addition to the basic configuration, it also includes Solar Panel + Office + Fueling Room + Pumping Room, which can add an office area and the top of the top;
  • Applicable to 1/2/3 oil products, The cost is relatively high, suitable for large team companies and commercial sales and operations.

Container fuel station configuration

Selection of the scene:

Mini Gas Station:
  • The capacity is small, which is generally suitable for small batches of storage
  • and sales, and low demand
  • Emergency venues: construction sites, farms and mines
  • Remote areas: garbage treatment fields, and small villages
Container fuel station:
  • Large capacity, generally applicable to scenarios with high storage and sales, high demand
  • Fixed place: remote highway refueling areas and logistics companies internally use self-use
  • Long-term project: Large-scale mining team self-use, industrial base
  • Large flow area: traffic developed tight positions

WE Bluesky Energy’s additional configuration recommendation:

For Mini Gas Station:
  • Tank Gauging System

Monitor and display the oil level height and remaining volume in the oil tank to ensure the safety and accuracy of refueling.

  • Solar Panel and Handshake Function

When there is no power, the small solar panel is powered on the Controller, and then the artificial Handshake the Pump to fill the car. Therefore, the use of the mini gas station will not be affected by power conditions, which is more suitable for villages with unstable electricity.

Bluesky mini gas station configuration

  • Communication Box

You can install our APP on your mobile phone, and check everywhere, weekly, every month, monthly, and annual refueling data, as well as information on oil tanks, employee information, discount activities, etc. Lock machine;

Intelligeent Joyfueling Management System

For container fuel station:
  • Intelligent Joyfueling Management System

In addition to checking the refueling information on your mobile phone, you can also set aside the web side of our Bluesky Company in the background of the computer to remotely query the refueling data of the refueling machine. A series of functions such as product sales.

Communication Box

  • RFID CARD Refueling Intelligent Filling System

This function is usually applicable to the team company. Each car in the team is attached to the team.

When refueling, use an RFID oil gun to scan the read header of the refueling port. The refueling data is automatically counted in the background system to avoid artificial transactions to avoid artificial transactions.

It is convenient for the team company to cheer for management; you can also use an RFID CARD to refuel.

Use RFID CARD to scan the RFID Keyboard with the RFID CARD before refueling, refueling the gun, and automatically uploading the background system after the data.

RFID Steps for usage

  • Solar power supply and container integration office

When the container is placed in a space without power, we can provide solar panels on the top of the ceiling to supply power to the entire container.

In addition, an office can be placed inside the container for staff supervision and rest.

Solar power supply and container integration office


If your budget is limited, the demand is small, and the flexibility is high, select the mini gas station

If your budget is sufficient, the demand is long-term, and the frequency is high, select Container Fuel Station

For more details about mini gas stations and mobile container fuel stations, please contact us.

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