The gas station is “traffic jammed”

As the number of cars increases year by year, the booming development of new energy vehicles has eased the situation at gas stations, but most gas stations have been renovated into hybrid stations. Due to space limitations, service pressure on gas stations during holidays is increasing. Traffic jams often occur in gas stations during the morning and evening refueling and charging peaks.

Traffic jam at gas station

However, the reason for such problems is mostly due to the single payment method at gas stations. In addition to cash payment, customers who use bank cards or mobile payments need to go to the business hall to pay. This results in customers’ vehicles occupying the refueling space and traffic jams in the station. It’s inevitable.

So how to solve this problem?

1. Payment must be fast

In the current 5G era, mobile payment has become popular. Everyone is accustomed to paying with mobile phones. Fewer and fewer people carry cash with them. Gas stations must also cater to this development trend so that customers can easily complete payments without queuing in the business hall. , quickly complete the process of entering the station to refuel, pay, and leave. This eliminates the need to queue up to pay, and you will no longer see empty cars occupying the refueling slots at the gas station, while vehicles behind you are waiting agonizingly.

2. Face payment

In addition to mobile payment, there are faster and more convenient ways to make the refueling process faster. Face payment can save customers from the process of scanning a QR code to pay. They only need to scan their face to complete automatic settlement in the corresponding account.

3. License plate payment

The license plate payment function can scan the license plate information when customers enter the station and automatically deduct the fee after refueling, truly providing a super-efficient refueling experience of “fill up and go”.

The Bluesky gas station has the convenient functions mentioned above. The body is equipped with a touch screen, and mobile payment is a no-brainer. License plate payment and facial payment are also supported, allowing car owners to enjoy fast and smooth gas station operations!

The above is to improve efficiency through fast payment functions so that cars refueling will not be stuck.

So what should we do with our new energy vehicles?

In terms of new energy vehicles, our Bluesky DC charging pile is worthy of your choice. It can be quickly charged in 30 minutes, and one charging pile can charge three cars. No need to wait for hours.

DC EV charger

Bluesky has successfully built oil and electricity hybrid stations for customers, providing convenient services to many people.

Bluesky gas charger station

The Blue Sky brand is suitable for you and will take you smoothly in the 5G era.

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