The impact of the implementation of China VI Standards on the automotive Adblue market

The impact of the implementation of China VI Standards on the automotive Adblue market.

China is heartbroken about car emissions. More and more stringent automobile exhaust emission standards have been established. Therefore, it has to be a new business opportunity for the automotive Adblue industry.

On July 1, China banned the production, import, and sale of cars that do not meet the National sixth emission standard 6b.

In June 2018, The State Council of China issued the Three-year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defense War,

which, after three years, significantly reduced the number of heavy pollution days and significantly improved ambient air quality. For the exhaust pollution of transportation alone, there is still a long way to go.

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The implementation of China’s Sixth National Plan has accelerated the fight against pollution

China’s “National Six” standards are to be implemented in two stages. The first stage of the implementation of the National six emission standards from July 1, 2020,

and the second stage from July 1, 2023, all sales and registered vehicles must meet the national six B standard, compared with the national five standards,

the national six B standard nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by 42%, particulate matter by 33%, is also a true sense of the national six standards.

The implementation of the “National Six” standard and the improvement of the in-use vehicle emission supervision system have effectively promoted the continuous decline of diesel truck emissions.

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In summary, as automotive urea has become a national five, six vehicles are used items, diesel vehicles are used frequently, for many gas stations,

especially diesel volume sales of large gas stations, the demand for automotive urea is very large. Given that 90 percent of gas stations in Europe have urea-filling machines, this is also a trend in China.

As for the car urea filler, its advantages are also very obvious, first of all, it is more convenient to fill like refueling,

the direct filling is convenient and quick, without holding the urea barrel slowly into the car;

Secondly, the original intention of adding urea to diesel vehicles is to control exhaust gas and protect the environment,

and the small bucket-filling method undoubtedly increases white pollution, and many card friends have directly discarded the small bucket,

and urea-filling machines for cars also avoid such problems.

Diesel sells well, urea is also essential! The corresponding urea sells well, diesel can also sell well! They complement each other. Urea is selling well, so the need for automotive Adblue-filling equipment is also increasing.

Subject to the “national six” standard, car companies will undoubtedly greatly improve the existing post-processing system, and due to the “national six” standard,

the promotion of the SCR system will speed up the pace, and the automotive Adblue market will reach a spurt.

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