The longest deepwater oil and gas pipeline in China

Shen Hai No. 1
Shen Hai No. 1
On June 22, in the Lingshui Sea area in the southeast of Hainan Island, with the end of the head entering the water,
the second phase of the key control project of the “Shen Hai No. 1” ultra-deepwater gas field – the 20-inch long-distance submarine long-distance pipeline was laid.
gas pipeline
Gas pipeline

This submarine pipeline is tailor-made for “mixed transport of high-temperature, high-pressure, strong-corrosion oil, and gas flow”. The design pressure of the pipeline can reach 38.8 MPa,

and it can transport oil and gas flow at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. The chief engineer of the second phase of the “Deep Sea No. 1″ project, said, ”

We cooperated with domestic manufacturers to meet the requirements of high strength and high toughness by optimizing the chemical composition,

adopting high-precision rolling technology and advanced heat treatment technology,

and realizing the localization of the whole process of R&D and manufacturing,

which provided a strong guarantee for my country’s ultra-deepwater oil and gas development equipment.”

Gas pipeline welding
Gas pipeline welding

As the water depth increases, the difficulty of subsea pipeline construction increases exponentially.

The second phase of the “Shenhai No. 1” project is located in a sea area where the stratum conditions are very complex.

There are various complex terrains such as steep submarine slopes and large-scale sandy slopes and sand ridges.

It is the submarine pipeline with the largest water depth span in China. Offshore installation technology, etc. brings great challenges.

According to the introduction of the general contracting project manager of COOEC “Shenhai No. 1”.

In order to solve the technical problems of class submarine pipeline engineering,

and adaptively transform the key equipment of the main operation ship “Haiyang Shiyou 201”,

independently developed the first domestic automatic welding equipment process for large-diameter and large-wall-thick subsea pipes,

and achieved more than 10 technological breakthroughs, The domestic 20-inch deepwater subsea pipeline laying speed record of 2.65 kilometers in a single day was created during construction.

After years of technological research, my country has built pipe-laying ship equipment represented by Asia’s first 3,000-meter-class deep-water pipe-laying crane ship “Offshore Oil 201”.

It has independently mastered a series of core key technologies including submarine oil and gas pipeline design,

efficient installation, emergency response, and maintenance technology under harsh sea conditions and complex landforms.

With the successful completion of the ultra-deepwater submarine pipeline represented by “Shenhai No. 1”, my country’s submarine pipeline engineering equipment and technical capabilities have successfully entered the international advanced level.

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