The most Fully functional micro gas station

The BlueSky micro gas station is very popular in the Philippines. Our company also has the experience to provide customers with multi-functional mini fuel stations. We are a professional manufacturer of mini gas stations and have shipped more than 1,200 mini-fuel stations to the Philippines.

3000L mini gas station

Why choose BlueSky micro gas station

We have a strong team, including the development department, technology department, after-sales service department, production department, and experienced salesmen, who can reply to customers’ questions in time.

According to the needs of customers, our machines have added tank gauging systems, printers, solar panels, and gas stations management systems, And already many customers are using our machines

Tank gauging system

The device has stable performance, accurate measurement, and anti-interference, You can see the remaining oil in the oil tank in real-time, and when the liquid level is insufficient, an alarm will be issued, which is very easy to use.

Tank gauging system


Printing transaction data is a very necessary function, to give customers transaction proof, this device is easy to operate

Solar panels

We choose the safest combination on the market, solar and hand crank functions used together.

Solar panels

Gas stations management systems

The smart communication box integrates a variety of protocols and can connect fuel dispensers with different protocol standards to the blue sky management software through the smart communication box to realize the intelligent management of the gas station. The management system includes functional modules such as station-level management and mobile APP.

With multiple protocols: Bluesky protocol, Tatsuno protocol, Japan protocol, Dart protocol, Level Gauge protocol

The main function:

Check the transaction status of the day, and provide daily and monthly reports, Transaction records can be queried by site, oil type, gun number, and time period

On the employee management interface, you can set up the login name and password of the staff of the gas station, and the staff of the gas station can only view the data of this station when they log in.

1) Create a site;

2) Set oil type;

3) Set the unit price of oil products;

4) Create an oil tank;

5) Device binding;

6) Create employees;

Background preset refueling

1) Start refueling under manual authorization

2) Manually stop refueling in the background

Free Customization

Many customers will ask, can I use my own logo? Does the machine have any other extra features?

1)Available from 1000L to 6000L

2)The body of the machine can choose any color

3)Can use your company logo

4)You can add a tank gauging system, printer, or pos, depending on your needs

Free customization

Daily  maintenance of the micro gas station                                           

1)To keep the fuel dispenser’s beautiful appearance, the shell surface should do regular dust. Before the cold season clear the internal parts of the water, to prevent freezing components

2)When the Body and electrical are in the inspection and maintenance, must first disconnect the power supply, should not live maintenance, or repair.

3)The oil and gas separator is equipped with a filter, It is made of stainless steel wire cloth, the filter should be taken out every week, and washed with gasoline (if damaged should be replaced in time), and remove the low-pressure chamber of dirt to protect the pump and flow measurement converter wear. Filter In the oil and gas separator, remove the filter cover to remove the filter. Oil and gas separator spring seats should be removed once a month cleaning.

4)Fuel dispenser is precision measuring instruments, in order to extend service life and reduce the occurrence of failure, please do not use unclean oil.

5)When replacing the nozzle and hose, you should pay attention to the oil hose at both ends of the anti-static wire must be reliable and turn on, then you can start to fuel after passing the examination.

You need to check the pipeline and fuel dispenser’s each connection regularly to prevent oil leakage, when find a problem, you need to solve it in time to avoid any breakdown or accident.


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