The motor of electric vehicles is different from that of gasoline vehicles

At present, the motor technology is very mature, and there is no obvious difference compared with the major brands of fuel vehicles.

But what is the difference between the motor of a new energy electric vehicle and the motor of a fuel vehicle?

Let us BlueSky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian give you the answer.

New energy vehicle motor

New energy vehicle drive motors are mainly divided into two categories: permanent magnet synchronous motors and induction motors.

Permanent magnet synchronous <yoastmark class=

Permanent magnet synchronous motor: It is an efficient, high-performance motor that generates a magnetic field by using permanent magnet materials.

This kind of motor has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, and long life, so it has been widely used in electric vehicles.

The latest technologies, including sensorless control, intelligent vector control, and adaptive control, can further improve its efficiency and performance.

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Induction motor: It is a new type of motor, that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce torque.

Unlike traditional DC motors, induction motors can be reversed by changing the direction of the current.

Its biggest advantage is that it can produce high torque at low speeds, which is suitable for urban driving and low-speed driving scenarios.

The latest technologies, including superconducting material applications, high-precision control, and integrated design, can further improve its efficiency and performance.

AC asynchronous <yoastmark class=

In addition to the above two types of drive motors, there is also a motor called AC asynchronous motor (ACIM) is gradually being applied to new energy vehicles.

ACIM motors have the advantages of simple structure and low cost, but their efficiency is low and additional electrical energy is required to generate power.

In recent years, some new technologies have also been applied to ACIM motors, such as direct conversion technology,

polyphase mixing technology, etc., which can further improve their efficiency and performance.

Fuel truck motor

The motor installed in the fuel truck is the electrical power supply for the whole vehicle. (such as starting the lighting ECU multimedia electric function, etc.)

Some people will confuse the battery and the generator, resulting in misunderstanding. I think one or the other is fine but why both? In fact,

The battery is only the storage of electrical energy equipment, all the power consumption of daily driving needs a device to generate enough electricity to maintain, this device is the generator.

As long as the generator is running, it will drive the generator to generate electricity,

charge the battery through the adjustment of the electronic device, and supply power to other electrical appliances.

After extinguishing the battery supplies the necessary power, such as an anti-theft system, audio-visual system,

emergency lighting, and so on. However, if you do not start the engine, you cannot generate electricity,

the battery is in a discharged state, and it cannot be started when it is empty, and intelligent waiting for rescue.

The tram motor is large, with a maximum power of at least tens of hundreds of horsepower. The motor of the fuel vehicle has a starter and a generator,

which are not large, the weight is ten pounds respectively, and the maximum power is two or three kilowatts.

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