The purpose of the gas station canopies

gas station canopies

Do you know what gas station canopies are used for?

In daily life, it is more common for us to have a canopy above the gas station. I have never seen a tanker without a canopy in my life. And I’ve never seen a tanker inside! What is the reason? Let the small edition of Wenzhou Blue Sky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. explain it to you!

Since the 1990s, China’s gas station canopies have been designed mainly to meet the requirements of the wind and rain shelter function,

when the number of motor vehicles in China is relatively small, the construction area of the gas station canopy is mainly about 100 ~ 200 square meters, and the shape of the canopy has not changed much.

With the development of the national economy and the rapid increase of car holdings in our country, the number of former gas station awning parking Spaces can no longer meet the current needs, so the awning, in addition to the previous function of the wind and rain, but also increased other more functions.

Lighting can also be installed for nighttime refueling, and the awning is surrounded by signs showing the company that owns the gas station, which is also a striking advertisement that can be seen far away.

overall design of gas station canopies

Here are five things to know:

  1. The safety of gas stations is not important. The gas station is a flammable and explosive place, oil and gas volatilization is not only toxic but also flammable and explosive. So the place must be ventilated
  2. If the sun is directly exposed, the rain is directly poured on the refueling machine and the refueling pipe, which is not only easy to cause rust and aging of the equipment but also more likely to cause leakage and even combustion and explosion.
  3. In rain and snow weather, especially in heavy rain and snow weather, the gas station can carry out refueling operations as usual. Otherwise, in the case of torrential rain, hail, etc., even the road is not clear, let alone the gasoline/diesel label brand.
  4. Staff comfort.

Because it cannot be refueled indoors, the gasoline atomized fills the confined space, which is very unsafe. There is no roof outside, less like a high-end refueling service than a roadside vendor selling bulk gasoline. Besides, torrential rain and scorching summer sun are also important factors!

Gas station ceiling is mainly grid, protects the gas station, gas station inside the refueling machine, there are underground oil tanks, there is a lot of infrastructure, need to do a good job of protection measures.

Under the overhang of the gas station, if the overhang is a reinforced concrete structure, lightning protection belts or lightning protection nets with specifications not greater than 10×10 or 12×8 should be laid on the top of the overhang, and the main bars in the overhang pillars should be used as downlines and detection terminals should be set, and the downlines should not be less than two, and the spacing should not be greater than 18m; If the awning is a steel structure, the awning is used as a flash adapter, and the thickness of the color steel of the awning is required to be not less than 4mm, and the lead down line is consistent with the reinforced concrete structure.

The above explains so much, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the purpose of the existence of the gas station canopy!

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