The service trip to Albania

On September 1st, 2023, Our Bluesky team arranged a service trip to our Client Eurogroup in Albania who purchased some EV chargers from us, the chargers included Ac and DC fast chargers.

On the first day, we prepared the chargers, removed the package box, and inspected the interface of the charger. then carry the charger to the site position.

Install charging pile

After putting the charger in position, we need to drill the hole and fasten the bolts and nuts to make it stable. also, we should consider waterproofing. There is an electric technician who will connect the wire based on our diagram.

1. AC 400 V power supply connect to the place L1\L2\L3\N\PE in the above figure in order and tighten the screws.

2. Insert the network cable into the R J 45 interface of the communication board behind the front door.

3. The cable should be by 2.2 recommended cable specifications.

Cable specifications

After connecting the wire, we can prepare the vehicle and power on the charger, let’s see how it works.

Charging pile after installation

We installed the charger successfully, then the next step is that we should install the RFID card management for our client. we prepared a backup office, computer, card reader, RFID card, etc.

Install RFID card management

This is very easy for us, takes some time to train the technician how to issue a new card, and how to operate the system.

Finally, the client’s team can operate everything very well in some days of training. next, they will issue more cards and sell them to their clients. they will continue to build more charging stations.

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