Three aspects of gas station fire prevention in autumn

With the arrival of autumn, the weather gradually becomes dry, which is a period of high vigilance for gas stations. In addition to the common characteristics of general fires, gas station fires also have the particularity that oil is easy to burn and mixed oil and gas are easy to explode. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be serious.

Gas station fire

The fall prevention of gas station fire risks mainly involves three links: refueling link, storage link, and operation link.

1. Things to note when refueling:

1) Fire and explosion prevention: Gas stations should use explosion-proof equipment and fire prevention facilities, such as explosion-proof doors, fire extinguishers, etc., and conduct regular inspections and maintenance. During the refueling process, be careful not to use mobile phones or other electronic devices to avoid static electricity that may cause a fire.

2) Reasonable use of refueling nozzles: The use of refueling nozzles should comply with regulations and should not be accelerated or stopped suddenly to prevent fuel splashing and causing fires.

3) Prevent static electricity: During the refueling process, avoid contact with oil drums or oil tanks to avoid static electricity causing fires. At the same time, during the refueling process, attention should be paid to keeping the body and clothes dry to avoid the generation of static electricity.

4) Clean up the debris in the station in a timely manner: Gas stations should clean up the debris in the station in a timely manner to prevent fire sources from causing fires.

Things to note when refueling

2. Things to note during storage:

1) Regular inspection of oil tanks, pipelines, and other equipment: Gas stations should regularly inspect oil tanks, pipelines, and other equipment to prevent leaks and fires.

2) Keep oil tanks, pipelines, and other equipment dry: Gas stations should keep oil tanks, pipelines, and other equipment dry to prevent moisture from entering the equipment and causing corrosion and leakage.

3) Pay attention to fire prevention when storing flammable and explosive items: Gas stations should pay attention to fire prevention when storing flammable and explosive items and take corresponding protective measures, such as setting up firewalls, explosion-proof doors, etc.

4) Prevent the mixing of oil products: Gas stations should prevent the mixing of different types of oil products to avoid causing chemical reactions and increasing the risk of fire.

Things to note during storage

3. Things to pay attention to during the operation:

1) Prevent oil leakage: Gas stations should pay attention to preventing oil leakage during operations to avoid oil leakage causing fires.

2) Strengthen employee training: Gas stations should regularly organize fire drills and emergency response training for employees to improve their emergency response capabilities.

Therefore, gas stations should strengthen daily inspection and maintenance, improve employee safety awareness and emergency response capabilities, and ensure the safe operation of gas stations.

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