Toyota sells hydrogen car Mirai in North America

Toyota North America to sell hydrogen energy cars Mirai, hydrogen can completely fail in the field of passenger cars?

Recently, Toyota began a large-scale price reduction campaign in California, North America, to significantly sell its hydrogen car Mirai. It is understood that the Mirai top Limited edition will be priced at $67,115 (about 483,000 yuan).

However, Toyota announced selected dealers, announcing that it would offer a $40,000 discount to customers who buy the hydrogen Mirai, which is almost the price of a Tesla Model 3.

In addition, after the subsidy, the price of the Toyota Mirai is reduced to $27,000 (about 194,000 yuan), equivalent to a 60% discount on the price of the car.

Toyota is also offering free refueling for six years or $15,000. However, in most of the United States, hydrogen stations are not available, and Shell will permanently close all of its automotive hydrogen fueling stations in California, so it will be difficult for even users who receive these highly subsidized vehicles to use them.

hydrogen energy car

Hydrogen energy cars in China are the most promising.

Why can China do it?

First of all, China has the best understanding of the product power of hydrogen energy cars and the most accurate positioning: for large commercial vehicles that run long distances (large trucks and buses).

Second, China has the industrial capacity to solve the problems of hydrogen supply, transportation and storage,

Hydrogen fuel vehicles to green up, use solar energy, wind power, and then electrolytic water to produce green hydrogen, the furthest or China in this regard, hydrogen energy has not failed, China will be in this area in the future, and finally, China’s infrastructure strength can make hydrogen infrastructure up.

Hydrogen fuel

At the very least, this technological route is still a long way from maturity. Toyota alone cannot sustain research and development in the long run.

As for the prospect of new energy, it may be very promising. It depends on how mature the technology is, and how much power is available. Eventually, it may be that all the current technical routes will be used.

Including but not limited to storage power stations, electrochemical storage (with batteries), and smart grid peak balancing. And then there’s hydrogen energy storage.

Electricity is a secondary energy source and cannot be stored on a large scale. The so-called storage power station is secondary power generation. The unused electricity is pumped up the mountain into the reservoir, and the second electricity is generated when it is used.

Pump the water up the hill and run it again. Do you think there’s no loss? The location of the storage power station reservoir with high-efficiency energy storage is difficult, and it is strongly related to geographical location, and not all places can achieve high-efficiency conversion. The so-called high-efficiency storage power stations are only individual reservoirs.

Storage power stations are certainly the most efficient ones built early, and the lower the efficiency the later. The reason is very simple when we build storage power stations, we must first start from the sites with good endowments, finish building the places with good endowments, and then go to the construction of those with poor conditions. The equipment can be updated, and the scale can be expanded, but the endowment is sometimes more difficult to change because the geographical conditions are there.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Which route is ultimately used depends mainly on the range of electrical energy applications. If the range of electricity is getting wider and wider. Storage power stations have been built, and electrochemical charging stations have also been built. The new energy vehicles on the road themselves have batteries that can also be supplemented, and the smart grid can not be supplemented, so you can only use hydrogen energy.

At this stage, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are not mature and cannot be purchased with their eyes closed. This situation is similar to early electric vehicles, the infrastructure is not perfect, range anxiety is serious, and the car itself is also some hard damage. Only fully understand their car environment and needs. The need is very clear.

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