Two misunderstandings about metering complaints at fuel stations

During operation, fuel stations often receive complaints from customers about metering.

Many complaints are initiated because customers do not understand the principles of car refueling systems and dispensers.

This type of complaint has had a very negative impact on the corporate image and daily operation of the fuel station.

This article elaborates on two misunderstandings of fuel station metering complaints and proposes relevant countermeasures to avoid the recurrence of such complaints.

fuel station

 The first misunderstanding

1. The amount of fuel is exceeded by the displayed value of the fuel gauge.

Many consumers judge the amount of fuel by the value of the fuel gauge.

The amount of fuel refueled exceeds the value shown on the fuel meter, so consumers will think that the gas station is being frustrated for economic gain, and then file a complaint.

But this is not the case, the inspectors have simply tested the fuel tank capacity of 8 different cars, and after filling the fuel tank, it can be found that the actual refueling volume is greater than the marked capacity of the fuel tank, exceeding the value of the fuel gauge.

2. The reason for the first misunderstanding.

The reason is that the fuel gauge pointer of most cars is driven by a float to display the fuel storage of the fuel tank.

The float inside the tank is made of metal, which is hermetically sealed and has the shape of a hollow box.

An increase or decrease in the amount of oil stored in the tank will cause the float to float up or down.

Under the action of leverage, the electronic sensor generates an electronic signal from the float up and down, which is transmitted to the fuel gauge, which shows the amount of refueling.

The fuel tank of a car is not of an irregular shape. There is no linear relationship between the oil level height in the tank and its actual oil volume.

On the fuel gauge, it is difficult to accurately represent the actual amount of oil stored in the fuel tank, and it can only be roughly expressed.

 The second misunderstanding

1. The refueling machine “jumps the gun” and refuels less.

jumps the gun

In the process of refueling, the gas gun will often jump the gun, so consumers will suspect that the gas station is cheating when refueling and file a complaint.

In response to this type of complaint, the inspectors specially conducted a refueling experiment on the vehicle.

The results of the two tests show that the error of the indication value of the refueling machine conforms to the provisions of the relevant regulations, and the refueling volume is not reduced because of the refueling machine jumping gun, so consumers have a misunderstanding about the reduction of refueling caused by the refueling machine jumping gun.

2. The reason for the second misunderstanding

The oil gun has a self-sealing function, when the muzzle of the oil gun is in contact with the oil surface, the oil gun will automatically jump the gun to self-seal, to avoid the situation that the oil is rising.

In different models, the oil circuit will be different, and some cars have a poor oil circuit, which makes it easy to produce air resistance when refueling, which leads to the refueling machine jumping gun many times.

Measures to avoid measurement complaints

1. Prevent in advance.

The refueler should check the value of the refueling machine before refueling, and the refueling machine can only be refueled when it reaches zero.

When the customer has doubts about the measurement value, it is necessary to explain to the customer in time and inform the customer of the principle of the fuel dispenser to avoid misunderstanding.

HG fuel dispenser in a gas station

2. The amount of oil should not be filled.

When refueling, the refueler should advise the driver not to fill up the fuel tank, but to add the fuel gun to jump the gun.

3. Product promotion is targeted.

In terms of oil products, they should sell oil products that are suitable for customers’ vehicles and introduce customers to how to choose gas stations with good oil quality and accurate measurement.

4. Present the verification certificate.

When a customer has a measurement dispute with the refueler when refueling, the measurement verification certificate on the fuel dispenser should be shown to the customer.

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