Types of seal materials for fuel dispenser nozzles

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The type of seal material used in the fuel dispenser nozzle has an important impact on sealing performance and service life. Common nozzle seal materials include rubber, polyurethane, fluoro rubber, silicone rubber, etc. Each of these materials has different properties and is suitable for different working environments and usage conditions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of materials?

fuel dispenser nozzles

1. Rubber seals:

Advantages: Rubber seals have good elasticity and sealing performance, are suitable for general sealing needs, and the cost is relatively low.

Disadvantages: Oil resistance is average, and swelling or aging may occur in some special working environments.

2. Polyurethane seals:

Advantages: Polyurethane seals have good wear resistance and abrasion resistance, and are suitable for sealing occasions with high friction or high pressure.

Disadvantages: Average oil and temperature resistance, may not be suitable for environments with high temperatures or contact with petroleum products.

3. Fluorine rubber seals:

Advantages: Fluorine rubber seals have excellent oil resistance, high-temperature resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, and are suitable for harsh working environments.

Disadvantages: higher cost, generally used in situations with higher sealing performance requirements.

4. Silicone rubber seals:

Advantages: Silicone rubber seals have good high-temperature resistance and aging resistance, and are suitable for sealing requirements in high-temperature environments.

Disadvantages: The oil resistance may be poor under certain oils, and the appropriate silicone rubber material needs to be selected according to the specific situation.

Therefore, when selecting the material of the oil gun seal, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the working environment, usage conditions, and sealing performance requirements, and select the most suitable material to ensure that the seal has a good sealing effect and service life.

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