Unattended Gas Stations: the pioneer of future refueling services

With the continuous development of the economy and society and the continuous innovation of scientific and technological capabilities, tremendous changes occur in all walks of life. People’s requirements for the operation and service levels of gas stations are also gradually increasing. As a new service model, unattended gas stations are becoming a hot topic in the refueling industry in the new era.

Unattended Gas Stations

1. What is an unattended gas station?

Unattended gas stations refer to gas stations that use automated equipment and management systems to complete refueling, payment, and management functions without employees directly stationed there. Compared with traditional gas stations, unattended gas stations do not require employees to be on-site most of the time, but rely on advanced technical equipment for operation and management. These devices usually include highly automated fuel dispensers, self-service payment terminals, back-end management systems, surveillance cameras, etc. Customers can achieve self-service through these devices, thereby saving time and greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of services.

2. How do unattended gas stations operate?

The operation model of unattended gas stations mainly relies on advanced automation equipment and management systems. When customers arrive at the gas station, they can use the self-service payment terminal to select the amount or method of refueling and make independent payments. Customers can then choose a fuel dispenser for refueling. After refueling is completed, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding fees and upload the data to the station-level management system or cloud data center on time. At the same time, surveillance cameras will monitor the situation of the gas station in real time to ensure effective operation of safety and management.

management system

3. What are the characteristics and advantages of unattended gas stations?

1) 24-hour all-weather service: Since there is no need for personnel on duty, gas stations can provide round-the-clock service, providing customers with a more flexible and convenient refueling experience, and creating more profits for gas station operators.

2) Saving labor costs: The operation of automated systems can effectively reduce labor costs and reduce the operating costs of gas stations, thereby making refueling prices more competitive.

3) Improve safety: The monitoring system can monitor the situation of gas stations in real time, detect problems in time, and take measures, thereby improving the safety and management efficiency of gas stations.

4) Data authenticity and timeliness: After the fuel dispensers complete the refueling service, the automated system will promptly upload relevant data to the station-level management system and the manager’s mobile APP. Managers can control the operating data of the gas station promptly and avoid accidents. Fraudulent employee data.

5) Intelligent management: The management system will automatically generate sales reports. Through data analysis and intelligent management, gas stations can better understand customer needs, optimize service processes, and improve user experience.

Intelligent management

4. What can Bluesky Energy do?

As a professional gas station automation equipment manufacturer, BlueSky Energy can provide one-stop supporting service equipment and management systems and technical support and services for unattended gas stations, making unattended gas stations possible.

1) A variety of management systems, such as IC cards and RFID management systems, can meet the needs of different operators for gas station management.

2) Have an independent system development team to support customized services and system function upgrades.

3) 24-hour professional after-sales team provides one-on-one online guidance and services, and visits regularly.

In summary, unattended gas stations, as a new refueling service model, have many advantages and characteristics, providing users with a more convenient and efficient refueling experience, and pushing the refueling industry towards a more intelligent and sustainable development direction moving forward.

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