Understanding Gas Station: Preventing Fuel Dispenser Cheating

Intelligent fuel dispenser

Frequently cheating issues in fuel dispenser

1. Fuel dispenser flow meter:

Destroy the lead seal, adjust the flow meter regulating wheel, or open the flow of the flow to add the pads at the piston top rod to reduce the oil output.

The cost of the cheating method is low, but it is not easy to reset, and the fuel dispenser is easily discovered when it is spot-checked.

2. Fuel dispenser encoder:

In the encoder’s internal circuit board, a string pulse changes to change the device, increase the number of output pulses of the encoder, and reduce the oil output. This cheating method is hidden, and the appearance inspection is difficult to find.

It is not controlled by the FUEL DISPENSER anti-cheating system. The fuel dispenser mainboard has no abnormalities, resetting records, and simple operation.

Pre-set pulse percentage adjustment ratio can be adjusted at any time with the handheld remote control. The proportion and reset.

3. Fuel dispenser mainboard:

Replace the mainboard metering, and tax control chip, disconnect or string the tax control chip motor control tube foot, and avoid the fuel dispenser anti-cheating system.

In the case of unchanged refueling volume and unchanged pulse volume, increase the calculation results of the amount of oil payment, and deliver the instruction device (display) display to make a profit from it.

The cheating method is hidden, the inspection is not easy to find, the operation is simple, and the setting is flexible.

4. Fuel dispenser indicator device:

Add a remote control device to the connection line between the mainboard display and the indicator device, or install an electronic module on the indicator device circuit board.

By changing the mainboard transmission data, an increase of the instruction device to display the amount of oil, and making a profit from it.

The cheating method is not controlled by the fuel dispenser anti-cheating system. The mainboard has no abnormal records and does not need to open the fuel dispenser mainboard, without damage to the lead seal, and install the remote control plug-in directly, simple and convenient.

5. Fuel dispenser string mainboard:

Adjust the fuel dispenser to a departure state. The original mainboard is disconnected, accessing another mainboard, and selling private oil or earnings oil.

The cheating method can only be implemented in the running state of the fuel dispenser, and it will not leave any traces after the original mainboard is installed.

Fuel Dispenser Inspection
Fuel Dispenser Inspection

Methods to prevent fuel dispenser cheating (oil stolen)

1. Fuel dispenser nozzle flow inspection:

Use the standard meter tank to detect the fuel gun error error, The state allows within ± 3 ‰, and the error is between 3 ‰ -10 ‰. The probability of adjustment of the handwheel adjustment of the flow meter is higher;

If the error exceeds 10 ‰, there is a greater probability of a problem with the encoder or the motherboard.

2. Key component appearance check:

Check whether there is a trace of the metering components of the fuel dispenser and whether the circuit has a disconnected and connected circuit board.

The encoder to the motherboard, and the mainboard to the display screen, all of which are one or more intact lines. If there are people to change the measurement components, the line is generally messy.

3. Leading check:

Check whether the lead seal of each measurement component of the fuel dispenser is intact and effective, and check whether the “Leading Usage Record Form” pasted by the fuel dispenser is consistent with the certification certificate.

Whether the number of lead seals and quantities are consistent with the leading ledger, and whether the flowmeter, encoder, and computer motherboard shall implement “double lead seal” management.

4. Measure the POS machine inspection:

Insert the measurement POS machine (also known as the “data collector”) into the fuel dispenser’s communication port and query the fuel dispenser data.

You can query the encoder serial number and monitor the microcontroller serial number anti-cheating system exception records, including the amount of refueling bias, refueling data, date, and other information;

Inquiry from cheating, tax control data, tax control cumulative data, initialization information, etc.

The machine uses the LCD screen, which is operated by the entire Chinese menu. It is simple to use.

5. Video monitoring inspection:

Check whether there is a breakpoint phenomenon in the video monitoring. If there is a breakpoint, you need to check the background trading details of the gas station management system. Whether there is a transaction in the breakpoint period;

Whether there is an artificial turnover video monitoring equipment.

6. Bluesky management system inspection:

Connecting to the Bluesky Joy Fueling System, you can view the gas station data anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile phone.

Realize real-time monitoring during the operation of the gas station, check-in data check, gas tab data check, gas machine refueling data inspection, etc.

Bluesky JOY Fueling Station
Bluesky JOY Fueling Station
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