Using EV Charging Stations in Cold Weather

In the case of heavy snowfall and severe weather, some car owners have doubts about the safety of car charging piles.

Bluesky Electric car charging pile

Is it safe to use car charging piles to charge in snowy weather?

Professional charging pile equipment has considered such problems at the beginning of the design, and the safety performance of the charging pile is very reliable.

So what protective measures do car charging piles generally have?

1. Technical design: need to pay attention to waterproof design

The waterproof capability of normal charging facilities should be at the IP54 level, and it is waterproof when sprayed from different angles. At the bottom of the equipment, the ground will be hardened and the foundation will be raised. The design of the charging port is recessed, there are insulating seals around it, and there is a drainage design, so there will be no water accumulation. Each hole of the charging gun is also insulated to prevent rain from affecting charging. If the outdoor charging facilities have the conditions, try to build a canopy as much as possible. Therefore, on rainy days, there will be no problem of water ingress.

2. Install a lightning protection device

Install a lightning protection device inside the car charging pile to prevent being struck by lightning on rainy days. When there is lightning, please do not use the charging pile to charge, especially in the open air, it will be dangerous. Because new energy vehicles transmit a large amount of current when charging, and when it rains, the wires will be in a wet state and have a certain degree of conductivity. If struck by lightning, a huge current and voltage will be generated. Although it is connected to the ground wire, excessive current and voltage can still cause great danger.

3. Install a leakage protection device

When the car charging pile leaves the factory, it should be designed with double leakage protection. Leakage protection devices should be installed inside the charging pile and at the power supply. When leakage occurs, the power supply can be cut off in time to stop charging.

4. Install the emergency stop button

An emergency stop button should be installed on the casing of the car charging pile. In case of danger, quickly press the emergency stop button to cut off the power supply immediately.

5. Equipped with an intelligent fire-extinguishing device

If conditions permit, it can be equipped with corresponding fire extinguishing devices. At present, this technology is mature and can be widely used.

car charging piles to charge in snowy weather

When the temperature drops to freezing point, the Bluesky Electric car charging pile can still stand the test!

Bluesky Electric car charging pile can still ensure high efficiency and stability in extremely cold environments.

Fast charging, it can still run stably in the weather of minus 20 degrees, the quality is hard and reliable, and it is not afraid of the cold test.

Let your car charge at any time, witness the strength!

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