Wallbox Charger, The Pioneer of The Times

Welcome to our classroom on home-use wallbox chargers! Today, I want to show you this type, wallbox charger with the function of Bluetooth. As for this type, let me show you some aspects that you could customize. Let’s start with some invisible aspects.

bluesky wallbox charger
First and foremost, the electric power can be 3.5kw/7kw/11kw/22kw.
What’s more, you could decide whether you need the OCPP or not.
Furthermore, the charger can own the function of WIFI/4G/LAN.
Here come the visible aspects.
In addition, you could print your own logo and words on the surface of the wallbox.
Last but not least, the type of the connector is also important: Type1, Type2, GB/T.

wallbox EV charger

Wallbox EV Charger, the Pioneer of The Times One Day

As before, there will always be something leading the times as soon as there is something placing the ancient things. As we go through history, we see the glory of every empire, every emperor, every vassal, and even every soldier on the battlefield… Nevertheless, we scarcely ever keep our eyes on ourselves.
One day, we all will be a part of history. And now, what about trying to make a little bit of contribution to our reality to create our own pioneer of the times?

The trend of the electric car has been developing rapidly for so many years with some problems. Here I am thinking that the wallbox charger will be the pioneer of our time.
As time passes by, our lives have changed too much—-electric cars have entered the lives of more and more people. As more and more people own their electric cars, eventually AC chargers must be a necessity for every family. Then here comes the home-use wallbox charger.

bluesky wallbox ev charger in China

For now, we have so many EV charging stations in your own country. Please imagine one scenario like this: You are driving around looking for an EV charging station and staying in the charging station for half an hour after you find one. And the other scenario: You are lying on the bed in your home while your car is charging in your parking lot with your wallbox AC charger. Which one do you prefer?
This is a trend, from charging in the charging station to charging in your home. It may take us hundreds of years to achieve this.

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