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1.☆What is Wallbox DC Charger?

Wallbox DC EV charger is also a fast quick charging equipment, though the KW is smaller than a normal DC EV charger(60kw-120kw).

The charging speed will be much quicker than AC slow charger. Take a 50kwh battery capacity electrical vehicle, for example, it takes approximately 50kwh/40=1.25 hours to charge the vehicle.

For 1kwh, usually can support the car for 5km, to conclude, 1 hour later, the vehicle can drive about 200km.

Different colors DC Charger

2.☆Why did I choose Wallbox DC Charger?

  • For this model, the price of this fast charging station will be much cheaper than a regular quick charger.

And it also requires a smaller transformer, like a 50KVA transformer is okay.

The investment of a transformer is also a big fee, even more, expensive than the wall box dc Charger itself.

  • For application scenarios, it can be installed in condominiums, factories, shopping malls, parking lots, etc.

In the Thailand market, many of our customers require small KW of DC fast chargers. Some of them required this to do government tender/bidding etc. And they also require RCD type B inside the charger,

then you will see BLUESKY can configure this kind of RCD(residual circuit device) for you.

DC Charger

3.☆What is the feature of the Wallbox DC Charger?

Technical Parameter
Model(CCS,USA,CHA,GBT) BSEC-20K(D)1/2()1000S

BSEC-30K(D)1/2()1000S, BSEC-40K(D)1/2()1000S,

BSEC-60K(D)1/2()1000S, BSEC-80K(D)1/2()1000S

Structure Appearance
Dimension(W/H/D) 650*360*1060mm 650*580*1650mm
Installation method Wall mounted Floor mounted
Wiring method Bottom line in, bottom line out
Weight About 150KG About 170KG
Number of Outputs 1/2(optional)
Output type CCS 1, CCS 2, CHAdeMO, GB/T (optional)
Cable length 5m/6m/7m (optional)
Electric Parameter
Input voltage 400Vac±10%
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 200-1000VDC 200-1000VDC 200-1000VDC 200-1000VDC 200-1000VDC
Constant power output range 300-1000VDC 300-1000VDC 300-1000VDC 300-1000VDC 300-1000VDC
Rated power 20 KW 30 KW 40 KW 60 KW 80 KW
Maximum Output current 66 A 100 A 133 A 150 A 200 A
Feature Design
Network method LAN/WIFI/4G(optional)
Communication Protocol OCPP1.6(optional)
LCD Display 7-inch screen
Language English(optional)
Start method RFID/Password/plug and charge/APP (optional)
RCD Type Type A/Type B
Environment Parameter
Applicable Scene Indoor/Outdoor
Operating temperature -35℃~+60℃(-35℃~-20℃,with heater)
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Operating humidity ≤95% non-condensing
Acoustic noise <65dB
Maximum altitude Up to 2000m
Cooling method Air-cooled
Protection level IP55,IK10
Safe design
Reference standard CE & IEC 61851
Protection design Overvoltage, under voltage, short circuit, overload, Earth, leakage, surge,

over-temp, lightning

wallbox dc Charger

4.☆Issues people may concern aboutWallbox DC Charger?

  • You can choose both single connector/outputs or double connector/outputs. The max of charger can be 80kw total, when two cars are charged, then the power will be shared.
  • RFID card standard is ISO/IEC 14443
  • THDi, namely the total harmonic distortion index is 5%.
  • Power factor:

>= 0.99@100% full load power output, nominal input voltage, and frequency

>=0.98 @50%-100% full load power output

>= 0.95@20%-50% full load power output

  • According to the installation method, you can also choose the wall-mounted or floor-mounted type. We will provide you installation manual, you can find an electrician on your side, then install it manually, it is easy to install it.
  • About the color of the body, you can also ask for any color you want, we will paint spray to the body as you like.
  • About the HIM 7-inch touch screen, some customers may require a unique UI, like with their own logo. The default user interface is neutral without any logo.
  • About the VIN code, we have a VIN code on the dc charger, when the car is coming to charge, then our charger will recognize the vehicle’s VIN code and the VIN code will be sent to the platform, it means you can set up something to control the charger’s feedback to vehicle.
  • Regarding the OCPP1.6 protocol, many clients require OCA(Open Charge Alliance) members. I could say, yes, we are a member of OCA already.
  • About the noise control, the Wallbox DC charger’s standard is 60dB. If you still want a lower decibel, then you could also choose a “centralized split charging station”, which with modules separate from terminals, in this way, the noise can be prevented from each terminal.
  • About the ventilation, we have fans on the side of the dc charger to control the heat. It is no worry to install a wall box dc charger outdoors in hot weather in Thailand.

5.☆How about the payment method for the Wallbox DC charger?

  • For the time being, we have an RFID payment system, which you could charge the money on our platform, then when you go to charge, you just need to tap the card, after finish charging, swipe the card, then the money will be deducted from the card. After we visit our customer in Thailand, we learned that they have three types of payment which had already connected with our charger. That is Prompt pay, credit card payment, and Galvanic APP wallet payment. In this way, it is easy for customers to install commercial charging facilities.
  • Our customers took a 40kw wall box dc charger to install in the parking lot, their own factory, etc.

80kW DC EV charging

If you have any plans to invest in EV charging equipment, BLUESKY will provide a one-stop solution for EVSE for you.

bluesky EV charger

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