Wayne Fuel Dispenser

Product Description:

Bluesky Energy is a Wayne fuel dispenser manufacturer listed in China. It has independent R&D, design, and manufacturing capabilities, and can provide a series of supporting the gas station and LPG/CNG/LNG station equipment and technical support.

Its Wayne-type fuel dispenser is one of the company’s main products. It combines solid structure, sleek shape, and humanized design. It is loved by consumers and makes it an easy choice for consumers.


Product Highlights:

Wayne-type fuel dispensers are highly configurable and can meet the different needs of users. The setting of multiple flow rates not only reduces the refueling time but also plays an important role in specific occasions. The fuel dispenser is equipped with an advanced management and payment system, which makes remote management and intelligent management possible.

Mobile APP gas station management system

Technical Parameters:

Model:RT-C111 (suction, 1pump-1meter-1nozzle-1keyboard-1display)

RT-C111-SP (submersible, 1filter-1meter-1nozzle-1keyboard-1display)

RT-C112 (suction, 1pump-1meter-1nozzle-1keyboard-2displays)

RT-C122 (suction, 1pump-2meters-2nozzles-2keyboards-2displays)

RT-C224 (suction, 2pumps-2meters-2nozzles-2keyboards-4displays)

RT-C224-SP (submersible, 2filters-2meters-2nozzles-2keyboards-4displays)

and so on, RT-C124, RT-C222, RT-C242, RT-C244, RT-C362, RT-C364, RT-C482, RT-C484

I win fuel dispensers


Repeating Accuracy:≤0.10%

Unit of measurement:volume: L or kg;  amount: dollar;  unit price: dollar/L

Flow range:5~50 L/min(standard) ; 70~500 L/min(high speed)

Inlet Vacuum:≧54kPa

Pump lift:6M(Vertical),50M(Horizon)

Single range:0-999999.99 L or dollar

Accumulative range:0-99999999.99 L or dollar

Unit price range:0.01-9999.99 dollar/L

Ambient Temperature:-25℃ – +55℃

Humidity: 30%-90%

Power:AC110V/220V/380V (50/60Hz)

Explosion-Proof mark: ExdibmbⅡBT3Gb

Explosion-Proof certificate: CE14.5013

Dimension of machine(L*W*H,mm) : 1050*650*2150(20GP); 1050*650*2350(40HC)

Package: Carton or Wooden box

Shipment: 1*20GP can load 16UNITS, 1*40HC can load 34UNITS

Function List: Quick Preset, Electronic Calibration, Mechanical Calibration, Daily/Month Lock, History Check, Decimal Position change, Password control, unit price change, Shift Printing


Powerful and reliable, the Wayne-type fuel dispenser has stood the test of time and consumers. No matter you are a gas station operator, a transport fleet manager, or a self-employed small business owner, there is always a fuel dispenser suitable for you.

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