What is a Qualified Fuel Dispenser?

What is a qualified fuel dispenser?

The fuel dispenser is a measuring instrument that is under the management of various countries.

The market supervision department implements the whole process of supervision.

There are so many fuel dispensers in the world,

do you know that the fuel dispensers you use or purchase are qualified?

We can check whether the fuel dispenser is qualified through the following aspects.

(According to Chinese market experience, each country may have different standards)

1. Appearance inspection

(1)Whether the numbers displayed on the display board of the fuel dispenser are complete.

fuel dispenser display panel

(2)The nameplate on the outside of the fuel dispenser is similar to the “ID card” of the fuel dispenser,

which records the factory date, model, factory serial number, flow range, maximum allowable error, and other related information.

fuel dispenser Nameplate

(3)The number of the nozzle for refueling.

A single nozzle does not need to be numbered.More than one nozzle needs to be numbered,

such as nozzle No. 1, nozzle No. 2, etc.

fuel dispenser nozzle number

2. Internal Inspection

Key part 1: The cables.

Check if the cables are complete. According to the regulations, “there shall be no plug between the connecting cable of main board and display board”, this is to avoid changing and destroying the metering performance of the main board of the fuel dispenser.

fuel dispenser Electronic controller

Electronic controller of the Bluesky Fuel Dispenser

Key part 2: Three lead seals.

“A certified fuel dispenser must be lead sealed at three key positions:the main board, the sensor, and the flow meter.”

According to relevant requirements, the replacement and removal of the lead seal require market supervision and law enforcement personnel, professional verification personnel, and gas station staff for all three parties.

It can only be carried out in the presence of the scene,and the gas station staff are not allowed to dismantle it without permission.

Console Board Leading Seal of fuel dispenser
After confirming that the three lead seals are intact,

the verification personnel of the measuring institution carefully checked whether there is any unauthorized modification inside the fuel dispenser,

disassembly, and assembly of the main board, sensor, flow meter, etc., and used the special POS machine for metering to inquire about the fuel dispenser. Whether the parameters and data of the operating system are normal, whether there are abnormal records, etc.

Flow meter of fuel dispenser

BlueSky Fuel Dispenser’s flowmeter

Each lead seal has a unique serial number,

and the data of on-site verification will be uploaded to the compulsory verification and measurement platform in real-time to prevent human tampering.

 fuel dispenser sensor

Bluesky Fuel Dispenser’s pulse generator

3. Measured oil output

The inspector extracts the nozzle and injects it into the standard metal gauge, and compares the refueling amount displayed by the fuel dispenser. If it is within the ±0.3% error range specified by the national standard (for China), it means that the fuel dispenser is qualified.

Measuring inspection of gas station
The fuel dispenser opportunity that has passed multiple inspections will stick a green logo of “compulsory inspection qualified” in a prominent position, indicating the validity period, issue an inspection certificate, and re-evaluate after the expiration.
If the unqualified fuel dispenser can not be used anymore, the red sign of “disabled” will be posted.

It can be used only after the reasons for the failure are found out or after being repaired or replaced with a new machine and re-certified.
The above are some simple inspections of the fuel dispenser,

wish it can help you.Qualified products, consumers will be assured to use.

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