What is a Smart Mobile EV Charging Pile?

What should I do if the electric vehicle cannot find an EV charging pile in the parking lot?

Don’t worry, just take out your mobile phone, turn on the APP, and sweep the QR code,

a mobile charging vehicle carrying a 141 (kW·h) energy storage battery can meet the needs of 5-6 new energy vehicles, and will automatically drive to your Before you.

After half an hour of DC charging, your car can be “resurrected with blood.”

This is China’s latest smart mobile EV charging pile.

smart mobile charging pile

Compared with traditional charging piles, the biggest feature of intelligent mobile charging piles is flexibility. It will effectively solve problems such as insufficient charging piles in the parking lot and obvious tidal phenomena in charging piles.

For example, high-speed rail stations, airports, and high-speed service areas can be intelligently allocated at any time when customers need it.

In addition, with the continuous rise in sales of new energy vehicles,

some communities have been unable to install charging piles due to power load problems.

smart mobile ev charger

The emergence of intelligent mobile charging piles will solve the problem that new energy vehicles cannot charge.

MINI body, which is 1.8 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, and 1.7 meters high in intelligent mobile EV charging piles,

can also be applicable to a narrow and complex driving environment.

smart mobile ev charging

This year, the smart mobile charging pile will be put into use in Ningbo and Shanghai Pudong Airport. It is expected that the number of users will exceed 100 units next year.

In the field of technology, intelligent mobile EV charging piles have the ability to drive the whole L4 -level autonomous driving.

Next year, smart mobile EV charging piles of sodium-ion batteries will be developed to continuously improve product performance and product competitiveness through continuous technical updates.

Bluesky is the top 10 charging pile manufacturers and suppliers in China. It has more than 20 years of product manufacturing experience.

If you have a need, you can tailor it for you, with various functions, appearances, colors, logos, etc.

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