What is LPG gas dispenser?

LPG gas dispenser used for filling cars is indispensable metering and sales equipment for gas stations. It includes a gas separator, flow meter, sensor, differential valve, solenoid valve, LPG nozzle, etc.

The main component of LPG is propane, with a little butane. LPG is stored as a liquid in a storage tank under appropriate pressure and is often used for cooking.

LPG has been used as a light vehicle fuel for many years abroad.

The use of LPG in automobiles not only highlights the economic benefits but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the prospect of LPG as a vehicle fuel is worth looking forward to.

LPG Dispensers

Bluesky LPG gas dispensers

1. LPG Gas Dispenser Components Introduction

Gas separator

The gas separator can separate gas in the liquefied gas to ensure the metering accuracy of the gas dispenser. It has a built-in check valve and a washable secondary filter.

LPG Separator

LPG flow meter

The flowmeter adopts cast iron casing, stainless steel cylinder liner, a four-piston stroke structure, and a built-in check valve at the inlet.

LPG Flowmeter

Solenoid valve

The solenoid valve is controlled by a controller signal. Turning on and off LPG flow.

LPG Solenoid Valve

Breakaway valve

When filling, the LPG nozzle is tightly connected to the filling port of the car.

If the LPG nozzle is not removed and the car is started accidentally,

the valve will be opened, and the one-way valve in the valve body will cut off the flow of LPG, to avoid LPG leakage.

The opened connector can be easily restored, and the next fill can be carried out quickly. The one-way valve in the solenoid valve is opened normally.

When the tension of the LPG hose exceeds 400~600N, the spring is compressed, the clamped steel ball bounces up,

the breakaway valve bounces and the one-way valve closes to prevent leakage.

LPG Breakaway

Differential valve

The valve has 2 functions, the first is to ensure that the pressure in the meter is higher than the saturated vapor pressure to prevent the LPG from generating bubbles and affecting the measurement accuracy; the second is during the filling process, if the filling flow exceeds the allowable value due to an accident, the valve will automatically close.

LPG Differential Valve

LPG nozzle

LPG nozzle is used to connect with the filling port of the car, there are two types: bayonet type and screw type. Fully consider the operation safety, if don’t connect the LPG nozzle to the filling port, the gas can’t come out even if press the switch. Only after connecting successfully, the LPG nozzle can fill normally. This function prevents misoperation.

lpg nozzle


The controller is calculated and the control device. It can receive the flow signal from the flow meter and the temperature signal from the temperature sensor and calculate according to the set parameters.



2. LPG Gas Dispenser Working Principle

The LPG in the storage tank is pumped to the gas dispenser, the gas separator separates the gas in the liquid,

the gas is returned to the storage tank, and the liquid is sent to the flowmeter for measurement.

The liquid is sent to the LPG nozzle through the hose and the breakaway valve, and then to the vehicle or cylinder.

The flow signal of the flow meter and the temperature signal of the temperature sensor are sent to the controller for calculation, display, and control according to the preset value.

LPG Dispenser Working Principle


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