What should I do when I encounter “cheating” at the gas station?

Now the car has become the main means of transportation. In life, is it possible to have less fuel and more money? Because, some gas stations to make money, will take a variety of cheating methods. What should I do when I encounter cheating at the gas station?

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1. let’s understand what cheating ways gas stations have.

1) Suspected metering cheating at the gas station. The error value of the refueling gun at the gas station is 2%-2.5%. They are exploiting large deviations for profit.

2) Negotiate with the oil tanker salesman to buy tax evasion equipment at a low price,

and arrange for the “technician” to install the “plus three points two” cheating equipment.

3) Fuel refueling machines that have not been certified by legal verification bodies.

4) The main board of the gas station system was tampered with,

and the tax control zero chip was purchased to achieve the purpose of tax evasion.

5) The use of forged measuring instruments verification certificate.

6) The purchase and sale of refined oil products are not recorded in the accounts,

and the sales income is concealed through off-account operations and false declarations.

7) For measuring instruments that exceed the verification period, the original motherboard of the refueling machine is replaced with a motherboard that can manually set the amount of refueling error,

and the error is set to 3% for external refueling, to achieve the purpose of reducing the metering cheating of refueling to consumers.

8) Change the fuel system tax control to achieve tax evasion.

9) Destroy the accuracy of the measuring instruments of the refueling machine and mark the relevant contents of the oil specifications and prices that are not consistent with the actual price fraud case.

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2. Now that we know how to cheat, what can we do to prevent it? Or what should you do if you find them?

1) Query the strong identification certificate

2) Choose a regular gas station, go to a private and joint venture gas station, and be sure to check all aspects of the business qualification and other materials. In large chain gas stations, the metering equipment of these gas stations is generally sealed with a fixed time, and the local metering department will do measurement identification.

3) Before going to the gas station to fill up, check whether the value of the refueling machine has been zero. Make sure the value is zero.

Fuel dispenser display panel

4) Ask for the invoice after refueling, so that in the future, if there is a problem, you can report it to the relevant department.

It can be used as evidence, and if the gas station has illegal acts, it can defend its rights according to law.

Of course, major relevant departments will also supervise and inspect gas stations. Avoid these phenomena.

Regular metrological inspections

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